Title: 'Supporting Families Without Bias: An H&V Panel Discussion'
Track: 7 - Family Perspectives and Support
Keyword(s): unbiased, family support, Hands & Voices
Learning Objectives:
  1. Define and identify bias and perception of bias as an individual and as an organization.
  2. Understand and utilize tools to assess unbiased delivery of information within EHDI systems as organizations
  3. Develop identified areas of common ground for the good of families across sometimes conflicting organizational missions and values of different organizations.


As the effective implementation of EHDI systems continues throughout the nation, the importance of providing good information to families which results in informed decision making is at the heart of conversations around the use of the term ‘unbiased’ when describing parent support. This facilitated panel discussion explores how, at Hands & Voices, we honor and share our own personal stories without manipulating outcomes for families relative to communication choice-making and other deaf/hard of hearing issues. Taking the principles used in self-reflection for sharing our own stories, this session will also explore how organizations and systems can ensure the integrity of support to families. The H&V GBYS program and integrating the philosophy of unbiased support programmatically will also be highlighted. Areas of exploration in this session will include: the difference between sharing personal opinion and being biased; getting stuck over semantics and the types of words used to describe components of the family journey and EHDI systems; and sharing concrete strategies for ensuring continuity across programs and staff in an organization. Panelists will include, parents, d/hh individuals, professionals from the H&V leadership ranks.
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Janet DesGeorges - Primary Presenter,POC
Hands & Voices, Headquarters
     Credentials: N/A
      Janet DesGeorges lives in Boulder, Colorado and is mom to Sara, who is hard of hearing. She is a co-founder of Hands & Voices, serving as the Executive Director since September 2011, and as the E.D. of the Flagship chapter of Hands & Voices in Colorado for 10 years prior to that. Ms. DesGeorges is the author on the chapter for Family Support in the NCHAM e-Book, the co-author of the book Educational Advocacy for Students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing: The Hands & Voices Guidebook, and many other publications. Ms. DesGeorges received a program certificate from the MCH Public Health Leadership Institute in 2011 at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. Her areas of interest include Leadership Development for parents; Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Systems; Parent/Professional partnerships in Quality Improvement processes.

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