Poster Sessions


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P 72 A Brain-Based Clinical Measure for Assisting in Early Intervention for Children with Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder Emily Deeves
Hannah Glick
Anu Sharma
P 38 A Precise Path to Early Intervention in Texas Sara Eakerns
Sarah Kelly
Ellen Kiser
Sarah Songer
P 61 A Review of Preschooler Performance with FM/Roger Alison Meagher
Sandra Gabbard
P 6 Access to and Retention of Information: Breaking Down Barriers Sierra Lawrence
Brittany James
Cristian Gentile
Robert Fifer
P 57 Accomplishing much with very little! Jean Johnson
Agnes Flood-Tse
Norah Lieman
Litia Cama
P 25 Achieving Quality in an Outsourced Newborn Hearing Screening Program Tammy Uehlin
Melissa Richardson
Amanda Simpson
Patricia Tulloss
P 69 Analysis of the Timeline from Diagnosis to Intervention in Children with Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder Kimberly Holden
Patricia Roush
P 48 Applying Maslow’s Hierarchy to Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children Julie Rems-Smario
P 75 Audiologic Outcomes in Infants After Therapeutic Hypothermia due to Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy L. Ashleigh Greenwood
P 41 Audiology and Hearing Health Professionals in Developing Countries Laurel Thorburn
Christine Yoshinaga-Itano
Sandra Gabbard
P 7 Barriers and Outcomes of Cochlear Implantation Rehabilitation in Rural Appalachia Bryce Noblitt
Matthew L. Bush, M.D.
P 43 Breaking Bad News: Protocols for Supporting the Needs of Caregivers when Diagnosing a Child with a Hearing Loss Julia Omtvedt
Lenore Holte
Elizabeth Walker
P 36 Bridging the Gap on CMV Awareness Among the Latina Population Kalie Moore
Gisselle Warren
Stephanie McVicar
P 33 Congenital CMV Awareness in the United States Sara Doutre
Janelle Greenlee
Karl White
P 82 Continuity of Care for Hearing Aid Patients in a Multi-Provider Setting Julie Purdy
Julie Silva
P 80 Correlation between Auditory Steady State Response (ASSR) testing and conventional diagnostic audiometry Alyson Mellish
Julie Silva
Julie Purdy
P 26 Crosswalk: A comparison of the Listening and Spoken Language Domains and the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing Deaf and Hard of Hearing Standards Shawna Goldhammer
Janice Myck-Wayne
P 88 Deafblindness: What Teachers and Service Providers Should Know Lucia Quinonez Sumner
Patty Dischinger
Ana Amiguet
P 50 Deconstructing Bias: The Impact of Privilege on EHDI Services & Outcomes Leala Holcomb
Jonathan McMillan
Jessica Dallman
P 17 Developing a specialized training program for working professionals to increase knowledge and skills to serve children who are DHH Lauri Nelson
Elizabeth Parker
Marianne Huish
Mi'kel Price
P 71 Development of an EHDI Resource Guide for Spanish-Speaking Families of Children with Hearing Loss in North Carolina Sarah Webster
Lucia Quinonez Sumner
Jackson Roush
P 45 E-Books for Young Deaf and Hard-Hearing (HH) children Miyuki Nakagawa
P 73 EHDI Program Evaluation and Quality Improvement through a National Data Repository Thalia Wood
P 24 Enlarged Vestibular Aqueduct and Cochlear Implants: Terrell Clark
Katlyn Bostic
Brianna Chai
Rebecca Lewis
P 66 Exploring Nebraska Regional Differences and Variables for Lost to Follow-up Rates Courtney Smejdir
P 5 Exploring Parental Perception of the Current Newborn Hearing Screening Program: A Literature Review Brittany James
Lenore Holte
P 39 Factors that influence parental follow-up after newborn hearing screening in Colorado Jamie Walter
Deanna K Meinke
Vickie Thomson
Jennifer Weber
P 8 From Incomplete Screening to Diagnosis: An Unexpected Clue Aids Timely Identification Denise Metalsky
Judith Marlowe
P 54 G.R.I.E.F. Susan Rolinger
P 81 Globalization in Cochlear Implants: How Bilingualism Impacts Outcomes Julie Purdy
Alyson Mellish
P 32 Governance of Part C Early Intervention Programs for Infants and Toddlers who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing Sara Doutre
Karl White
P 65 Hearing Loss Needs Assessment – Where Does Genetics Fit? Kunal Sanghavi
Donna Cashman
Beth Vogel
Michele Caggana
Joann Bodurtha
P 3 Home Visiting Programs for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: A Systematic Review Nannette Nicholson
Patti Martin
Abby Hill
P 27 How Accurate Are Parent Reports About Their Child’s Hearing Loss? Tyson Barrett
Karen Munoz
Karl White
P 21 How Assessments Improve Intervention for Children Developing Listening and Spoken Language Skills Anne Smyth
Claire Leake
Shelby Atwill
P 12 How Can AAC Be Used With Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing? Jillian McCarthy
Autumn Sanderson
Emily Noss
Ashley Irick
P 9 Improving Hearing Screening Reporting in New York State through Learning Collaboratives Michelle Cavanagh
Lori Iarossi
P 40 It all starts here Barbara Moyer
Marianne Holzach
Roseangela DiTaranto
P 2 It May Be a Silent Problem, but the Solution is Anything But! “Let’s Make It Loud and Clear” Amy Boyer
Keithia Harding
P 46 Learning Strategies in Three Countries: What Early Interventionists, Parents, and Educators can learn from International Perspectives on Deaf Education. Patrick Graham
Jennifer Hensley
Christi Batamula
P 74 Literacy Starts in Infancy: Strategies to Support Families to Develop Early Literacy Marie Guard
P 53 Make English Visual with Signing Exact English (SEE) Esther G. Zawolkow
P 76 Microtia and Atresia: A parent perspective on the latest options for surgery, hearing loss, and advocacy Melissa Tumblin
P 84 Minimize Referral Rate for an NHSP Teresa O'Sullivan
Jeannette Garcia
Liliana Gonzalez
Donna Prochnow
Sudeep Kukreja
P 58 Modifiable Risk Factors of Late Diagnosis after Infants Refer on Newborn Hearing Screening Changhong Wen
Lei Zhang
Stacy Callender
Beryl Polk
P 29 Multi-Site Tele-Intervention Study Tyson Barrett
Diane Behl
Kristina Blaiser
Catherine Callow-Heusser
Betsy Moog Brooks
Pamela Dawson
Karl White
P 89 Newborn Hearing Screening program in Korea Sukyoung Park
Seung-Ha Oh
P 87 Non-Word Repetition Performance of Children with Cochlear Implants: Effects of Early Acoustic Hearing Caroline Lartz
Rosalie Uchanski
Lisa Davidson
P 59 Online pediatric audiology training using GoToWebinar® in Washington State Laura Steinmetz
Karin Neidt
Marcie Hoskyn
Julie Walker
Susan Norton
Debra Lochner Doyle
P 56 Out of birthing hospital births: A barrier of newborn hearing screening Tri Tran
Jeanette D. Webb
Mary Jo Smith
Terri Ibieta
Melinda Peat
P 42 Overcoming the Bumps on the Road to 1-3-6: Quadrupling our Numbers Julianna Stark
Lindsay Rodriguez
P 63 Parental Impressions of Communication Competence and Early Intervention Melissa Jensen
P 18 Parents and Pragmatics: A Resource to Support Social Emotional Development for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing Leia Miller
Lauri Nelson
Nicole Martin
P 14 Parents Put the 'P' in Pre-Literacy Emily Noss
Autumn Sanderson
Jillian McCarthy
Ashley Irick
P 23 Prevalence of Hearing Loss among Hospital Births in Michigan, 2009-2013 Evelyn Quarshie
Patricia McKane
Sarah Lyon-Callo
Jeff Spitzley
P 28 Prevalence of Permanent Hearing Loss in Children Tyson Barrett
Karl White
Karen Munoz
P 51 Professional and parent perspectives regarding LENA as language intervention tool Marie Witherow
Kellie Orr
P 60 QI: Understanding Barriers and Facilitators of Tele-Audiology Gerlene Ross
Jude Williams
Holly Shoun
P 83 Reduction of Loss to Follow-up Rates through Scheduling Diagnostic Appointments Prior to Discharge Brian Shakespeare
J. Hope Ramos
P 70 Regional Analysis of 1-3-6 Goals in North Carolina Lauren Johnson
Conner Haring
Kimberly Holden
Heather Mazzola
Dani Warmund
Sarah Webster
Marcia Fort
Jackson Roush
P 35 Reliability of Acoustic Measures within Classrooms and Frequency of Hearing Aid Use for Children Who Are Hard of Hearing Elizabeth Walker
Ryan McCreery
Meredith Spratford
Jill Aunan
P 20 Results of Pilot Test of Newborn Hearing Screening Health Information Exchange (HIE) with a Partner Hospital Using the Hearing Plan of Care (HPoC) Dina Dickerson
Meuy Swafford
Heather Morrow-Almeida
P 68 Rhymes and Rhythms for Young Children Leala Holcomb
P 79 Sound Discrimination in Infants Lauren Durkee
Tammy Fredrickson
Kristin Uhler
Phillip Gilley
Christine Yoshinaga-Itano
P 67 Special Olympics Healthy Hearing: Outcomes of Referral and Follow-up in Seven Southeastern States Heather Mazzola
P 19 Strategies for Implementing Family Support Programs for Children Developing Listening and Spoken Language Carolle Abraham
Lauri Nelson
Nicole Martin
Ali Devey
P 16 Strategies for Supporting Para-Professionals who work with Young Children who are DHH in LSL Classrooms Jennifer Mitchell
Lauri Nelson
Elizabeth Parker
P 37 Students who are deaf or hard of hearing: Performance on public school standardized testing Thomas Page
P 77 Tennessee EHDI Data Quality Assessment and Improvement Fenyuan Xiao
Jacque Cundall
Ramona Lainhart
P 64 The Effect of Training Nurses Regarding Proper Infant Hearing Screening Methods on Referral Rate Outcomes Kim McCray
Shannon Loyd
Jessica Newman
Stephen McElroy
Shakita Diggs
Patti Martin
Nannette Nicholson
Katherine Loyd
P 86 The impact of social functioning on behavior in young children who are deaf or hard of hearing Madeline Bonfield
Jareen Meinzen-Derr
Susan Wiley
Sandra Grether
Laura Smith
Daniel Choo
P 10 The Power of Maps: Using Visual Data to Identify Populations with High Rates of Missing Hearing Screening Information Michelle Cavanagh
Nafin Harun
Kirsten Siegenthaler
Ken Juhas
P 30 TI 101: An introduction to online tele-intervention training courses Kristina Blaiser
Diane Behl
P 55 Time Trends and Factors Associated with Late Enrollment in Early Intervention and Loss to Follow-up after Hearing Loss Diagnosis YAO WANG
Mary Jo Smith
Jeanette Webb
Terri Ibieta
Wendy Jumonville
Melinda Peat
Tri Tran
P 62 Timely Connection to Parent Support: The Use of Results Based Accountability for EHDI Program Improvement Melinda Marsolek
P 22 Trying Everything: Oregon’s Efforts Leading to Improvement in Loss to Follow-Up Shelby Atwill
Heather Morrow-Almeida
Claudia Bingham
Meuy Swafford
Julie Hass
Benjamin Spencer
Helen Cotton Leiser
P 85 Using an Integrated EHDI-IS to facilitate Follow-up with Community Partners Ellen Amore
Liza Then
Sherri Lee Moniz
Betty Vohr
Rebecca Vargas
Elsbeth Brown
Pauline Belmonte
Lixis Acevedo
Richard Lupino
Javier Lozarda
P 49 Using Cued Speech in the Home Karla Giese
P 15 Using LENA Measurements to Improve Children’s Environment and Language Opportunities Melissa Mulder
Lauri Nelson
P 31 Variation Across States of Eligibility Criteria for Early Intervention and Preschool Services under IDEA Sara Doutre
Karl White
P 47 What would YOU do? A hands on approach to managing children with microtia/atresia Meredith Berger
Michelle Kraskin
P 1 When Is Repeat Hearing Screening of Transferred Infants Appropriate? Erin Cipriano
Nancy Schneider
Kathryn Aveni
P 78 Why Parent to Parent Support? Melanie Bacon
P 52 Young Children's Auditory Development: Goals and Assessment MaryKay Therres
Taylor Sands