March 13-15, 2016 • San Diego, CA


3/14/2016  |   11:35 AM - 12:05 PM   |  Topical Session 1   |  Sunrise   |  10 - Policy, Advocacy and Legislative Issues

SB210 What it Means and Why it Complements EHDI Efforts

The presenter introduces the history of the movement behind the bill SB 210 and explains how it will boost EHDI's efforts. First, we celebrate this bill, SB 210 mainly because it is supported by Option School and CAD (California Association of the Deaf). EHDI have become expert in finding and identifying infants with hearing loss. SB210 ensures the1,3,6 Follow Up procedure is to be enhanced even more so with the support of SB 210 endeavor. The presenter and the panel will characterize and classify the issues facing SB 210: How does SB210 compliment EHDI's efforts? How will this bill ensure Kindergarten Readiness and English literacy through aural and visual modalities? How this bill helps solidify the parents participation and ensures language rich environment? In what area will parents participation help strengthen the EHDI effort? How to create smoother transition from clinical treatment management to educational language milestones monitoring and management? How will the first five years of deaf and hard of hearing children's language acquisition be assessed? The presentation will close with Q and A from the participants on how they may model the similar policy changes in their state to maximize the EHDI efforts.

  • Participants will identify and explain what SB210 is and how this bill boost EHDI efforts
  • Participants will be prepared and understand how to apply SB210.
  • Participants are encouraged to prioritize, organize and develop the same bill in their state.

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Sheri Farinha (Primary Presenter), NorCal Services for Deaf & HH, SFarinha@norcalcenter.org;
Sheri A. Farinha serves as CEO, NorCal Service for Deaf & Hard of Hearing, since 1993. Ms. Farinha is a nationally known as a strong civil rights advocate for deaf and hard of hearing individuals in the areas of education, employment, services for Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence. Sheri is the campaign director for LEAD-K to promote language equality and acquisition nationwide. Ms. Farinha’ s expertise also includes leadership development, legislative and system advocacy, and management in the nonprofit sector.


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Terrylene Sacchetti (Co-Presenter,POC), Clerc's Children, ms.terrylene@gmail.com;
Terrylene Sacchetti, Founder Ms.Sacchetti has a 25 year of experience in managing numerous multi-media projects and 20 years in curricular, program, instructional and training designs. Terrylene is nationally renowned ASL poet, stage, film and television actress. Her inspiration for the Clerc's Children's E-learning site comes from her passion in raising two beautiful deaf children, she backed this online site with her 28 year professional media experience. Terrylene has dedicated herself to helping many hearing families and teachers of deaf children for three decades. Ms. Sacchetti implemented programs and wrote a three-year multi-media curriculum serving deaf and hard of hearing children for summer camp and a year around school program. She also secured a Department of Education grant of $350,000 and in-kind donation of $500,000 from film studios in Hollywood to fund her not-for-profit organization, Deaf Arts Council. www.clercschildren.com #Terrylene


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