March 13-15, 2016 • San Diego, CA


  |   -   |  3 - Language Acquisition and Development

Using Cued Speech in the Home

Cued Speech is a visual mode of communication in which mouth movements of speech combine with 'cues' to make the sounds (phonemes) of traditional spoken languages look different. Cueing allows users who are deaf, hard of hearing, or who have language/communication disorders to access the basic, fundamental properties of spoken languages through the use of vision. Cued Speech can be used with children from birth to immerse them in the language of the home, from babbling to playing with sounds, to words, to conversation, no speaking or hearing required!

  • State how Cued Speech can support language acquisition.
  • Define Cued Speech.
  • Give examples of how Cued Speech can be used at home.

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Karla Giese (Primary Presenter), AGBMS-AEHI, karla.giese@agbms.org;
Karla is a deaf adult, well experienced in all modes of communication: written, spoken, signing, and cueing. Karla is an active advocate for deaf education and access to literacy for all deaf children. Currently, Karla oversees the Student Support Services Program at Alexander Graham Bell Montessori School near Chicago, a model program that uses Cued Speech and spoken language to educate deaf and hearing children together. Karla is also the Coordinator of CHOICES for Parents, a statewide referral/resource program for families of children with hearing loss. Karla has worked with deaf and hard of hearing children of all ages, from birth to age 21, across all educational settings, utilizing all modes of communication. As a student of deaf education programs, a teacher in deaf education programs, and an administrator of deaf education programs, Karla has come full circle and enjoys sharing her experiences with others.


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