March 13-15, 2016 • San Diego, CA


3/15/2016  |   1:45 PM - 2:15 PM   |  Topical Session 6   |  Sunrise   |  6 - Follow-up, Tracking and Data Management

Parent Guides Help EHDI Providers Follow-Through: A Win-Win Partnership

In an effort to address Loss to Follow-Up and Loss to Documentation within the state of Texas, the Department of State Health Services is partnering with Texas Hands & Voices. The collaboration utilizes professional parent consultants as “Follow Through Guides” to connect with EHDI families that fail to transition to either diagnosis or early intervention. A primary activity of the project is to have each at-risk family contacted by the parent of a child who is deaf/hard-of-hearing. The Follow Through Guides are able to answer questions, facilitate connections to the next steps, identify potential barriers, and provide just-in-time supports. Objective and descriptive data collected by the Guides has been used to facilitate transition to services for individual families, and has been applied to inform system-level changes. When a family encounters a barrier, either in how information was communicated or how services were provided, a Follow Through Guide makes contact with the provider. The result is increased accountability with timely consultation and training for providers focused on ensuring a continuum of care. Components of the project also include targeted connections with Spanish-speaking families, cooperation with Early Childhood Intervention, and consultation with corporate contractors. The session includes a description of the evolution of the project including the powerful role of parents as professional consultants and the challenges of staying on mission, balancing family and provider support, within a data driven project. Highlights include descriptions of diverse encounters with families and providers, preliminary data from the project, and the development of a unique collaboration between the state EHDI program and a parent-driven non-profit agency. This Parent Pilot Project is funded by a grant from the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration.

  • • Identify four challenges to EHDI parent engagement and describe potential family-centered solutions.
  • • Identify four challenges to EHDI provider compliance with reporting and referring and describe parent-driven solutions.
  • • Describe four key characteristics of an effective professional parent consultant and identify opportunities to engage parent consultants in support of both families and providers.

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Sarah Wainscott (Primary Presenter), Texas Woman's University, swainscott@twu.edu;
Dr. Wainscott is Assistant Professor of Communication Sciences at Texas Woman’s University. With 20 years as an audiologist and early interventionist, she has focused on the accessibility and efficacy of early intervention services, valuing a family-centered perspective in practice and research.


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