March 13-15, 2016 • San Diego, CA


  |   -   |  3 - Language Acquisition and Development

E-Books for Young Deaf and Hard-Hearing (HH) children

Research has shown that development of e-books will help improve deaf children’s bilingual development in signed and written languages (Berke, 2013; Golos & Moses, 2013; Grant, 2004; Herzig & Malzkuhn, 2015; Napoli & Mirus, 2013; Stone, 2014). For instance, Grant (2004) argued that e-books supported the student’s ability to increase word recognition and vocabulary as well as on reading comprehension. Napoli and Mirus (2015) suggested that e-books in sign and written languages will promote pleasure for reading and appropriate storytelling methods which will support children’s language development. The authors also discussed on the benefits of including shared reading strategies with children while using e-books to further benefit children’s literacy and language development through positive interactions with their caregivers. In my poster presentation, I will share a literature review on the benefits using e-books with young deaf and hard of hearing children as well as on shared reading strategies with e-books. In addition, I will share steps on how to develop bilingual e-books for young children. This is part of my capstone project with the Visual Language Visual Learning Center at Gallaudet University to develop e-books for deaf children in Japan.

  • Participants will learn how deaf and hard of hearing children can benefit from e-books.
  • Participants will learn how to create e-books designed for deaf and hard of hearing children.
  • Participants will learn shared reading strategies using e-books with young children.

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Miyuki Nakagawa (Primary Presenter,Author,POC), Gallaudet University, miyuki.nakagawa@gallaudet.edu;
Miyuki Nakagawa is a student at Gallaudet University seeking her MA in Deaf Education, with support from the JASS/Nippon Foundation scholarship program. She was born in Japan and attended two schools for the Deaf. She received a Bachelor’s degree from Japan Lutheran College in Social Welfare, and holds licenses in Early Childhood Education (ECE), Elementary, and special education in Japan. She taught young children in the ECE program at the Deaf school in Otsuka, Japan for 8 years. She also worked in 3 other ECE programs at Deaf schools in Japan. Additionally, she worked one weekend every month volunteering for an afterschool program for 10 years as a leader. While in the US, Miyuki interned at several schools (ECE, KDES; ECE, MSD, Frederick; and ECE, The River School), and has volunteered at CSD, Fremont. Miyuki just completed a practicum working with elementary-age students at Kendall Demonstration Elementary School.


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