March 13-15, 2016 • San Diego, CA


3/15/2016  |   9:40 AM - 10:10 AM   |  Topical Session 4   |  Pacific Salon 1   |  3 - Language Acquisition and Development

Language Development Milestones in ASL and the Ways that Deaf Parents Facilitate Them: What Does This Really Look Like?

Early language development is one of the most amazing achievements of childhood! Each milestone is celebrated by the family with great pride and recognition. A great deal is known about specific language milestones achieved by deaf children using a visual language such as ASL. What do these milestones look like? What does is really look like for a baby to babble using hand gestures? What do first signs typically look like and how do they differ from adult signs? There is also a great deal known about visually-based strategies used by deaf parents to promote the typical age-appropriate language and communication in their deaf toddlers. But what do these strategies look like? How do these behaviors differ from what hearing parents might spontaneously do with their deaf toddlers? This session will make use of short videotaped illustrations to guide discussion of these two topics.

  • identify and describe language milestones in the development of ASL.
  • describe and demonstrate strategies used by deaf parents to promote language development in their deaf children.

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Ellen Schneiderman (Primary Presenter), California State University Northridge, hfedu012@csun.edu;
Coordinator of the Deaf Education Teacher Preparation and MA Program at California State University, Northridge for 26 years. PhD from UCLA in Special Education and Applied Linguistics. Masters Degree from Ohio State University in Deaf Education. Teacher of Deaf students at all grade levels in Ohio and CA. Collaborative mentor with Marlton School for the Deaf (LAUSD), Frequent invited workshop presenter related to topics associated with bilingual deaf education, parent/ DHH child communication strategies, emergent literacy and literacy strategies with deaf students.


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