March 13-15, 2016 • San Diego, CA


3/14/2016  |   3:20 PM - 3:50 PM   |  Topical Session 3   |  Tiki Pavilion   |  9 - Program Evaluation and Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement Strategies for Audiologists

Colorado was one of the first states to start screening all newborns for hearing loss prior to hospital discharge due to the powerful partnerships with state, education and private partners, Colorado soon became a national and international model. As the Colorado EHDI database has continued to improve its capacity to collect data it has become obvious that Colorado is falling behind in completing the national benchmarks of screening by one month, diagnosis by three months and enrolled in early intervention by six months. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has ranked Colorado 50th in the nation for loss to follow-up. This means we have approximately 500 infants with no documentation of follow-up. Only 46% of infants with permanent hearing loss were diagnosed by three months of age in 2013 as compared to 92% in 2009. Efforts are underway to improve Colorado’s outcomes however this requires partnerships between hospitals, audiologists and early interventionists to ensure Colorado’s infants are receiving timely and appropriate follow-up. Audiologists are a key component to the EHDI system. This presentation will focus on quality improvement strategies for pediatric audiology clinics. This will include improving scheduling times, evaluation times, and referral to early intervention. Case studies will highlight the differences between infants who receive quality audiological care and those who do not receive appropriate care.

  • Participants will be able to effectively implement quality improvement tools to decrease the time from screening to diagnosis.
  • Participants will be able to implement quality improvement tools to decrease the time from diagnosis to early intervention.
  • Participants will be able to describe efficient, effective practices for ensuring diagnosis by 3 months of age.

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Vickie Thomson (Primary Presenter,Co-Presenter), University of Colorado , Vickie.Thomson@ucdenver.edu;
Vickie Thomson, PhD, served at the Director of the Colorado Newborn Hearing Program at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment from 1991 to 2012. She received her master’s degree in audiology from the University of Northern Colorado in 1978 and her doctorate degree from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2007. As a clinical audiologist Vickie started one of the first infant hearing programs at Boulder Community Hospital. She has provided technical assistance in developing screening programs in Colorado and in other states and countries. She has written numerous articles on the importance of early identification and intervention of hearing loss in infants. She currently is the principle investigator if the HRSA EHDI grant and is a consultant to the National Center on Hearing Assessment and Management.


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Stacy Claycomb (Co-Presenter), University of Colorado Hospital, stacy.claycomb@uch.edu;
Stacy Claycomb is clinical audiologist at University of Colorado Hospital with a focus on newborn hearing screening programming as well as pediatric assessment and amplification. She obtained her AuD from the University of Northern Colorado in 2006. Her experience ranges from major hospital settings to rural private practice. Stacy is currently working to extend pediatric training opportunities to 4th year doctoral students as well as post-graduate audiologists practicing in rural communities.


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