March 13-15, 2016 • San Diego, CA


  |   -   |  3 - Language Acquisition and Development

Make English Visual with Signing Exact English (SEE)

Large numbers of deaf/hard of hearing (d/hh) students complete high school reading and writing at the 3rd or 4th grade level. Are you willing to accept this? This does not need to be the case! This Interactive Workshop will provide an overview of Signing Exact English (SEE) by presenting what SEE is, how and why it was developed, including current research in literacy and language learning. Participants will have the opportunity to learn some SEE signs and how it makes English visual and how it differs from other sign language modes. The use of a visual language is an important factor in the daily life of the family in language development and with children who have cochlear implants. Both are made easier if the visual approach is a commonly used language. Signing Exact English (SEE) provides that bridge.

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Esther G. Zawolkow (Primary Presenter), The SEE Center for the Advancement of Deaf Children, esther@seecenter.org;
Esther G. Zawolkow, co-author of Signing Exact English, is the daughter of deaf parents (CODA), has known American Sign Language all her life, and has her Comprehensive Skills Certificate (CSC) from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID). She was a pioneer Education Interpreter at the Secondary level in Southern California at the first mainstreamed public day program for the d/hh. It was during that time that she became involved with the development of a new sign system. She has held offices in many professional organizations, and served on the National Task Force on Educational Interpreting. In addition to teaching sign language classes, she lectures, conducts workshops, and in-service training nationally and internationally. She serves as President of Modern Signs Press, Inc., and is co-founder and Board member of the S.E.E. Center.


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