March 13-15, 2016 • San Diego, CA


3/15/2016  |   3:00 PM - 3:30 PM   |  Topical Session 7   |  Pacific Salon 2   |  8 - EHDI Workforce Issues

Preventing Burnout: Self-Care for the Well-Being of EHDI Providers

As in all helping professions, burnout and employee turn-over occur at a high rate in the EHDI field. Especially when workforce is low, stress and responsibility are high. We spend immense energy helping others and often forget to take care of ourselves to the same degree. However, we are more likely to be effective in our roles and have adequate job satisfaction when we are taking care of ourselves. This experiential workshop will identify person-specific and moment-specific self-care practices that will help providers stay grounded, centered, and productive. Personal preferences and obstacles will be identified. Mindfulness, art, nature, and exercise will be explored as options for in-the-moment and preventative self-care activities. The workshop will use somatic awareness as a means of using the wisdom of our bodies to inform us of our needs.

  • Identify at least three things that chronically prevent you from taking time for self-care.
  • List at least three long-term consequences of inadequate self-care.
  • Practice in-the-moment self-care based on somatic awareness.

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Jessica Dallman (Primary Presenter), Natural Wisdom Counseling, jessicadallmancounseling@gmail.com;
Jessica Dallman is a tri-lingual (English, ASL, Spanish) mental health counselor based out of Boulder, Colorado. She is passionate about weaving together her trainings as a wilderness therapist (Naropa University), special education teacher (Teach for America), and early interventionist (Gallaudet University) to serve her clients and the community. She has an interdisciplinary, relational, and social justice framework that she brings to all of her work. In her free time, Jess can be found rock climbing, hiking with her Great Dane, meditating, reading, dancing, or volunteering.


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