March 13-15, 2016 • San Diego, CA


3/15/2016  |   10:10 AM - 10:40 AM   |  Topical Session 4   |  Royal Palm 1/2   |  6 - Follow-up, Tracking and Data Management

Sign, Sealed, Delivered: Using First Class mail to resolve Loss to Follow-up cases

The new CDC criteria for classifying a case as Unresponsive is: a documented two-way conversation or written communication with the child’s legal parent or guardian in which they have acknowledged awareness of the corresponding 1:3:6 recommendation (e.g., outpatient re-screen, diagnostic evaluation, or early intervention services) and have nevertheless not obtained the recommended service. One of the required activities that fits this definition includes an official documented record that a written correspondence was sent from the EHDI program and was received by a member of the family (e.g., a return receipt for USPS mail). This may include a certified/registered letter, or direct outreach efforts that can be costly and labor intensive to administer. Many EHDI programs do not have the funding or staffing to benefit from the activities necessary for this criterion. For many years, Colorado has successfully utilized a parent questionnaire that is sent out with parent notification letters, allowing parents the opportunity to report screening or evaluation results (letters are sent using First Class mail). Although this questionnaire has always contained fields to collect individual screening and evaluation results, an updated version of the parent questionnaire has been designed to also serve the purpose of receiving more specific information from parents regarding their decisions to continue with follow-up services or not. In addition to learning how to implement a parent questionnaire into a program’s current communication via First Class mail, this presentation will also examine the process of collecting information from the questionnaire to adequately capture the new classification of “Unresponsive”. Examples of previous and current questionnaires will be reviewed and a comparison of statistics for return rates, follow-up results, and unresponsive cases will be explored.

  • Apply the use of a parent questionnaire into a program’s follow-up protocol.
  • Identify the impact that a parent letter and questionnaire can have on lost to follow-up rates.

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Erica McKiever (Primary Presenter), Colorado Dept. of Public Health, erica.mckiever@state.co.us;
Erica McKiever is the Supervisor of the Newborn Hearing Program at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Prior to her role as supervisor, Erica was the Newborn Hearing Follow-Up Coordinator and has been involved with EHDI since October of 2010. Erica is a licensed psychotherapist and has worked in the areas of maternal and infant health since 1998.


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