March 13-15, 2016 • San Diego, CA


3/15/2016  |   10:10 AM - 10:40 AM   |  Topical Session 4   |  Royal Palm 5/6   |  7 - Family Perspectives and Support

Outreach and Education Beyond the Clinical Setting

Extending services and supports beyond the clinical setting, our children’s hospital commits a full-time outreach and education program for deaf and hard of hearing patients and their families. The program promotes educational opportunities, informational awareness, and communication access for children and their families. The program sponsors family-centered events, workshops for parents, training seminars for educators, and cultivates a variety of community partnerships. Our collaborations with local museums, conservation programs, and sightseeing venues have led to improved accessibility at these locations, increased attendance at events, and social opportunities for children and families in natural surroundings. In turn, the efforts have spurred organizations to take initiative in conscientiously providing access because of better understanding how to do so and the children and their families benefit. Our model and results will be shared with the participants.

  • Gain a better understanding how to cultivate community partnerships that benefit deaf and hard of hearing children.
  • Develop ideas on how to partner with local organizations in their area in providing opportunities for deaf and hard of hearing children.
  • Learn the benefits of outreach and education beyond the clinical setting for the child as a whole.

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Katie Prins (Primary Presenter,Author,POC), Boston Children's Hospital, katie.prins@childrens.harvard.edu;
Katie Prins is the Coordinator of Outreach and Support Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program at Boston Children's Hospital. She oversees family-centered events, educational training needs, parent workshops and program development needs. Katie has been involved in the non-profit sector for more than thirteen years, first in marketing and management and now in outreach. Katie has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Sioux Falls in South Dakota and a Bachelors in English - Creative Writing from California State University, Northridge. In addition to working at Boston Children's Hospital, she tutors families at their homes through the Family Sign Language Program in Massachusetts and is enrolled in a Certified Deaf Interpreter program with the goal of obtaining her certificate.


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