March 13-15, 2016 • San Diego, CA


3/13/2016  |   1:00 PM - 5:00 PM   |  Royal Palm 3/4

Data Mining Using Excel - How to Tell Your Story. Tips and Tricks for EHDI Program Personnel

EHDI Coordinators are constantly being asked to tell the story of their programs. They are asked to respond to a variety of questions ranging from how many babies have been diagnosed as deaf or hard of hearing, what parts of the state have the highest loss to follow-up rate, how many children return for a screen after being discharged from the hospital, what is the state’s loss to follow-up rate, to who is reporting diagnostic care. Local hospital administrators, audiology and early intervention providers, parents, state and federal agencies and other stakeholders invested in the work of EHDI programs want to know how a program is performing in order to continue to rally for additional support and resources. To that end, EHDI coordinators have to always be on the ready to tell their story and include those critical details that demonstrate their successes and challenges. In this session, the presenter will review a variety of tools for analysis and the reporting of performance measures critical to EHDI programs. The session will includes details about the data elements needed and the Microsoft Excel tools used to expedite the analysis and reporting. At the end of the session, attendees will have a framework for developing their own reporting tool, be able to describe how to use Excel’s pivot table feature, and identify the various data elements needed for reporting on specific performance measures.

  • describe the framework needed for developing their own reporting tool,
  • describe how to use Excel’s pivot table feature
  • identify the various data elements needed for reporting on specific performance measures

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Mary Catherine Hess (Primary Presenter,POC), OZ Systems, mhess@oz-systems.com;
Mary Catherine Hess has been working with EHDI programs since 2002. She is employed by OZ Systems and works as an Account Manager for the Texas EHDI Program and the USVI EHDI Program. Previously, she was the Program Administrator for Rhode Island’s EHDI Program from 2001-2008 and co-chair of the CDC EHDI Data Committee from 2007-2008. She has presented at local, regional and national EHDI events on topics related to newborn hearing screening, data management and data reporting, and most recently standards-based messaging for EHDI programs. She achieved her MA in Linguistics from Gallaudet University and holds a BS in Communication Disorders. She is a certified ASL/English interpreter. Her interests include communication access issues in health care settings, assistive technology and long-term outcomes for deaf and hard of hearing children identified through the EHDI process. She is a yogi, pug lover and fan of NPR and folk music.


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