February 26-28, 2017 • Atlanta, GA


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Kodi Ogle

It is my pleasure to nominate Kodi Ogle for the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Family Leadership Award. Kodi is the mother of three children, all are hearing-imparied. Her daughter received a cochlear implant and after several years and a medical emergency, had to be explanted. Her two sons wear hearing aids. Kodi currently serves as the president for Tennessee Hands and Voices. She was instrumental in the Tennessee Hands and Voices committee from the very beginning to implement the Guide By Your Side program in Tennessee. She recognizes this valuable support for families as it was not available when her children were first identified. Due to circumstances beyond the committee's control, the program is currently suspended in Tennessee but she continues to work towards the goal to see this program as a permanent support for Tennessee families.

Kodi is very involved in family support on the Tennessee School for the Deaf campus as well. She participates in the Family Learning Weekend held at the end of the school year which promotes family education and support. Further, if an event is being organized, Kodi's name is of the first mentioned to find resources. She volunteers for a nonprofit organization (Friends of Tennessee Babies with Special Needs) in all their fundraising events which directly involves families with children birth to three years of age. She attends the local interagency coordinating council meetings for Tennessee Early Intervention System as the liaison for Tennessee Hands and Voices for family support. She was proactive and asked to be invited to all their meetings.

In addition to all this, she approached me about being involved in the annual EHDI meeting this year. She came up with an idea about the Friends of Tennessee Babies with Special Needs Loaner Hearing Aid Bank that is housed at Tennessee School for the Dear and is critical for early intervention for hearing loss. (The proposal was accepted). She is very adamant about helping other parents who are just beginning their journey that she began some time ago. She is determined to put her experience to the benefit of other families. She is a great advocate for encouraging parents by helping them get all the information available to find out what is best for their child. She is very accepting of all people, no matter their viewpoint.

Kodi Ogle deserves the EHDI Family Leadership Award for 2017.