February 26-28, 2017 • Atlanta, GA


Congratulations to Linda Hazard, winner of the 2017 Antonio Brancia Maxon Award for EHDI Excellence!
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EHDI Family Leadership Award

Congratulations to Lisa Adams and Janel Frost, winners of the inaugural 2017 EHDI Family Leadership Award!
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2017 is the inaugural year for the EHDI Family Leadership Award. During the last several decades it has become increasingly clear that EHDI only exists to improve the well-being of babies and families. Symbiotically, engaged families are central to the success of EHDI programs and more specifically to the success of children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

This award honors a parent or family member of a child who is deaf or hard of hearing for providing exemplary leadership in their state EHDI system and whose leadership has led to improved outcomes. The recipient was selected by NCHAM's Family Advisory Committee.

2017 Nominees

2017 Website of the Year

Congratulations to the Illinois' EHDI program for winning the 2017 Website of the Year Award!
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2017 Poster Awards

Congratulations to the following 2017 Poster Award winners!

Early Intervention: P-14 Purposeful play for parents and professionals – Emily Noss, Ashley Irick, Autumn Sanderson

EHDI Program Enhancement: P-05 Effective answers to the most common questions from nursing staff – Melissa Richardson, Sandra Davis

Follow-up, Tracking, and Data Management: P-03 What can newborn hearing screening data tell us about factors associated with loss to follow-up? – Hayden Engstrom, Alyssa Fosnight

Family Perspectives and Support: P-33 Factors that influence device selection by parents of pediatric cochlear implant candidates – Donald Goldberg

EHDI Workforce Issues: P-42 Are we there yet? Lessons learned from a hearing loss - genetics needs assessment – Kunal Sanghavi

Program Evaluation: P-45 A new day for EHDI in Georgia: Capturing individualized hearing screening data on the newborn screening card and electronic birth certificate, 2014-2016 – Michael Lo

Audiological Services: P-25 Are audiologists directly referring children with hearing loss to early intervention? – Bridget Shanahan, Cailin Shanahan, Natalie Loyola

Language Acquisition and Development: P-37 Language connection: The joint benefits of preschool inclusion – Sarabeth Fly, Lindy Powell

Student Poster: P-55 Improving EHDI in the state of South Dakota: A parent's perspective – Megan Wegher, Kiersten Meyer