February 26-28, 2017 • Atlanta, GA


2/28/2017  |   3:45 PM - 4:15 PM   |  A Needle in the Haystack: Language resources   |  Hanover D

A Needle in the Haystack: Language resources

Nowadays, in our daily work as early intervention professionals, we know that due to the boon of technology resources constantly are developed and published. However, many early intervention professionals and parents have expressed frustration at the inability to identify or find the latest professional language resources, particularly in visual language. This session will help provide a snapshot of various resources and materials, including how early intervention professionals and parents can identify sources and keep up with new products/resources on their own. That way, the ongoing "needle in the haystack" issue can be eliminated, as participants will be armed with knowledge on how to provide themselves with updated information on language resources for the deaf and hard of hearing children they have or work with. This session provided by a neutral self-proclaimed "resource nerd" will provide parent-friendly resources from a variety of sources, developed by either parents themselves or schools, with a sprinkle of entrepreneurship in an efficient and enjoyable manner.

  • Describe new resources for language acquistion
  • Identify sources to maintain knowledge of resources
  • List examples of how technology exists to enhance language


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Tawny Holmes (), National Association of the Deaf, tawny.holmes@nad.org;
Tawny Holmes is the Education Policy Counsel at the National Association of the Deaf along with being Assistant Professor in the ASL and Deaf Studies department at Gallaudet University. She graduated from the University of Baltimore School of Law. In addition to her law degree, she has a Master of Arts in Family Centered Early Education. Ms. Holmes has worked three years in teaching deaf and hard of hearing students, mainly in the early childhood education field. As part of her position, she focuses on improving/establishing federal and state policy related to early intervention and education of deaf and hard of hearing children. Ms. Holmes strongly believes in the power of collaboration and has contributed a significant amount of her work towards this endeavor, in varying ways, from promoting parent resources to inclusion of deaf and hard of hearing adult professionals.


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