February 26-28, 2017 • Atlanta, GA


2/28/2017  |   11:00 AM - 11:30 AM   |  Sign Language for Families and Practitioners   |  Hanover A

Sign Language for Families and Practitioners

Are you a parent, family member, or practitioner of a deaf and hard of hearing child? Of course, you’re here! Join us and participate in an interactive overview of American Sign Language and learn more about how its applicable to these children. As a family member, doctor, audiologist, speech-language pathologist, or other early interventionist, you can create an environment where children have access to using sign language to create meaning; enhancing their abilities to develop cognitively, age appropriately, and become bilingual or multilingual communicators. The importance of this is often underrepresented, leaving many deaf and hard of hearing children without an aspect that is also critical for maximizing their potential. An overview of evidence-based practice will be shared to increase understanding of how you can implement strategies in your home and/or place of service. Evidence that also challenges claims that insist sign language will hinder the child’s learning process. Family members and practitioners building a foundation of signs can overcome the struggle with speech that is often misheard or frequencies that are always absent. Learn the most common words and phrases in an easy to learn and use format. The workshop will guide basic understanding of what sign language is, how sign language acquisition works, and research that supports the benefits of sign language for deaf children and children. Presenters will also discuss the potential of pairing sign language with cochlear implants and other assistive technology, when applicable, to support these children in multiple ways. Participants will have the opportunity experience hands-on activities with visuals and live presenters to guide learning. In addition, carefully crafted handouts for further development and additional resources will be provided. There will also be sign language activities specially designed for deaf and hard of hearing children in attendance.

  • Learn practical American Sign Language for a variety of areas of work.
  • Participate in interactive sign language lessons and strategies for implementing sign language communications.
  • Increase access to services for children who use American Sign Language.

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Mark Ramirez (), New Mexico School for the Deaf, ramirez.mark.a@gmail.com;
Mark A. Ramirez currently practices social work in a school environment. He previously worked in the field of early intervention and supported families of deaf and hard of hearing children. Mark is a hard of hearing individual who was born hearing and used spoken language, he became hard of hearing around age 7 and learned sign language at school.


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Andrew Bottoms (), Boston University/Harvard University, Andrew.Bottoms@gmail.com;
Andrew Bottom is currently an ASL professor at Harvard University.


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