February 26-28, 2017 • Atlanta, GA


2/27/2017  |   2:00 PM - 2:30 PM   |  Teleintervention: Strategies for Effective Sessions   |  Hanover F

Teleintervention: Strategies for Effective Sessions

Teleintervention (TI) is a service delivery model that is widely utilized to connect families of children with hearing loss to early interventionists. Research has shown the effectiveness of TI services when using a coaching model, as well as the ability to uphold Part C requirements (Blaiser et al, 2013; Houston et al, 2015). When providing services over the internet, early interventionists must employ unique strategies to ensure a successful family session. Such strategies include assessing the home environment from a distance, using appropriate learning materials, considering and supporting family needs, and planning. In addition, early interventionists must use specific functional strategies that allow for successful use of technology. This presentation will address these strategies and how they allow for more effective sessions when utilizing the TI service delivery model. Through the use of these strategies, sessions run more smoothly, the family-provider relationship is strengthened, families gain confidence integrating listening and spoken language techniques into their daily routines and activities, and ultimately, families become more empowered to improve their children’s listening and spoken language proficiency. The presenter will share videos to demonstrate the use of the strategies and challenge attendees to consider how they can implement these strategies in both TI and in-person sessions to enhance the services they provide.

  • Attendees will understand both unique and functional strategies for successful teleintervention sessions
  • Attendees will learn to utilize strategies to enhance the coaching approach to in-person and teleintervention family sessions
  • Attendees will gain practical application skills to carry over into their in-person and teleintervention family sessions


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Kailie Asam (), Central Institute for the Deaf, kasam@cid.edu;
Kailie Asam holds a Master’s Degree in Deaf Education from the Program in Audiology and Communication Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, MO. She has certification from the Council on the Education of the Deaf (CED). Kailie is credentialed as an early intervention provider in the states of Missouri and Illinois. As a parent educator in the Joanne Parrish Knight Family Center at Central Institute for the Deaf, Kailie provides home visits for families of children age birth to three in the early intervention program. She coaches and educates parents on issues related to hearing loss, language and speech acquisition, and auditory skill development. She also attends audiology appointments with families, attends and participates in IFSP and transition meetings, and provides in-service and instruction at childcare facilities. Kailie is currently implementing the teleintervention program at Central Institute for the Deaf.


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