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NCHAM: National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management, Utah State University

Last Updated: 1/15/10


  • Population (mid-2008)(1): 39.7 millions
  • Annual # of births (2007)(2): 693,000
  • Institutional births (2000/7)(2): 99%
  • GNI PPP per Capita (US$) 2007(1): 12.990
  • Infant Mortality rate(1): 13.3
a map of latin america

Early Hearing Detection & Intervention Contact:

NHS Legislation:

Passed in 2001, this law stipulates that all newborns have the right to be screened for hearing loss and receive timely and appropriate treatment when needed. It also indicates that adequate diagnostic evaluation should be provided before three months of age. More information about this law

UNHS Program Information:

Argentina has a formal group dedicated to promote early identification and enrollment in intervention services for children with hearing loss. This group, which is referred to as “Consenso Argentino de Detección Temprana de la Hipoacusia (C.O.A.D.I.T.H.I)” (Argentinian Consensus for Early Detection of Hearing Loss), was created in 2005 and assists with the implementation of NHS legislation. More information about this group (PDF)

The following entities are members of C.O.A.D.I.T.H.I:

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  1. World Bank, Population Reference Bureau (2008). 2008 World Population data sheet. (PDF)