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EHDI: Early Hearing Detection & Intervention | NTRC: National Technical Resource Center

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NTRC Advisory Committee

NCHAM’s National Advisory Committee meets at least yearly and provides NCHAM feedback on its workplan and guidance on current EHDI topics. The committee is comprised of a diverse group of individuals and organizations that contribute to and influence the larger EHDI system.

Tabby Belhorn Parent of a child who is DHH, Regional Coordinator H&V, Executive Director of Ohio H&V and Ohio ASTra Coordinator.
Nicole Brown Co-director of the Minnesota EHDI program, parent of a child who is DHH.
Katlyn Foust Burton Parent of a 2-year-old child with bilateral profound deafness and multiple other disabilities.
Corinne Coleman AuD (completing 4th year internship in 2020). Young adult who is DHH, used cued speech as a child.
Janet DesGeorges Executive Director of Hands & Voices, parent of a child who is DHH.
Maureen Greer Executive Director of Infant and Toddler Coordinators Association that provides support and services to state early intervention systems.
Karen Hopkins Director of Statewide Education and Family Services at The Maine Educational Center for DHH, Maine EHDI Coordinator. Deaf adult and parent of child who is DHH
Wendy Jones Director, Children & Youth with Special Health Care Needs Project, National Center for Cultural Competence Georgetown University.
Leslie Lestz Pediatrician, Neonatal-Perinatal medicine, University of Texas SW Medical Center. Texas AAP chapter champion. Has a bilateral mild hearing loss and parent of a children who is DHH.
Djenne Amal Morris Parent of a Deaf Plus young adult, National H&V Board of Directors, Parent Educator/Training for BEGINNINGS for Parents of children who are DHH.
Jonathan Mosher Young adult who is DHH. Received first cochlear implant at 12 months of age and the second ear when he was 5 years old.
Stephanie Olson National H&V Board of Directors, Family Consultant with the Bill Daniels Center for Children’s Hearing at Children’s Hospital Colorado, Co-Director Deaf and Hard of Hearing Infusion with Hands & Voices and DHH adult.
Tammy O’Hollearn Iowa state EHDI coordinator, Past President of DSHPSHWA.
Karen Putz Worked in early intervention as a Deaf Mentor for 13 years. Co-Director of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Infusion at Hands & Voices. DHH adult and mother of three children who are DHH.
Jackson Roush Professor and Director of the North Carolina LEND Program, Co-Chair of the EHDI Advisory Board for North Carolina. ASHA Fellow, and a 2007 recipient of the Presidential Award from the American Academy of Audiology, former member of JCIH.
Sonia Samaniego Education and Advocacy Program Manager, Office of Children with Special Health Care Needs at the Arizona Department of Health Services.
Renee Averitt Sanzone Executive Director at Parents’ Place of Maryland. Prior experience includes working as the Regional Technical Assistance Co-Director for the OSEP funded parent centers in the mid-south region. Parent of two grown daughters who are deaf.
Jackie Seisman Program Manager for Baby’s First Test, which works to increase awareness about newborn screening and to develop innovative resources that guide new and expectant parents through the screening process.
Steve Shuman National Center on Early Childhood Health and Wellness, Training and Technical Assistance Specialist.
Rebecca Steinfield Senior Director of the Improvement Advisor Professional Development Program at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.
Kathleen Treni Principal of the Continuum of Services for DHH K-12 students in Bergen County Special Services District NJ who have chosen Listening and Spoken Language or Total Communication. Also oversees home and center-based early intervention programs. Adjunct professor in the Speech and Communication Disorders Department at Montclair State University, and former President of the AG Bell Association.
Christine Yoshinaga-Itano Professor of Audiology at University of Colorado, active researcher, former chair and currently a member of the Joint Committee on Infant Hearing.