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PLEASE READ: Below you will find slideshows (PowerPoint Presentations) presented at the First Annual National EHDI Meeting held 24-26 February 2003 in Atlanta, Georgia. The slideshows are intended for personal viewing only. Do not use or modify any slideshow without the expressed permission of the presenter.

Additional presentations will be added as we gain permission of the presenters to post their slideshows, so check back often.

Bringing Families Together

  • Arnold, Casey C.
  • Bailey, Debra
  • Lester, Amy
  • Munoz, Karen F.

The Case for EHDI: A Critical Evaluation of the Evidence

Cochlear Implant and Menigities Investigation Update

  • Biernath, Krista R.
  • Broder, Karen (401 kb)
  • Chamany, Shadi
  • Reefhuis, Jennita

Cultural Competency

Developing and Providing Unbiased Information

Early Intervention

EHDI Check Up: Examining the Health of Your State Law (AAP)

EHDI Research Updates and Opportunities

EHDI Tracking and Reporting

Ensuring Families are Connected to a Medical Home

Evaluation of Public Health Programs

  • Chapel, Thomas

The Genetics of Hearing Loss

  • Brookhouser, Patrick E.

Hearing Head Start

  • Eiserman, William
  • Foust, Terry E.

How to Use EHDI Data

Identifying Pediatric Audiologists

The Medical Home and EHDI: Ideas for Integration (AAP)

  • Kim, Sunnah (612 kb)
  • Norlin, Chuck
  • Pola-Honey, Gina G.
  • Tait, Vera Frances

National Campaign for Hearing Health Meeting

  • Greco, Susan

National Perinatal Association Meeting

  • Gaylord, Mark S.

National Resources

On-going Tracking for High Risk Conditions

Parent Perspectives on EHDI and Communication Choices

Privacy and Confidentiality: Developing Informed Consent Materials

  • Dozier, Beverly

Providing Effective Continuing Medical Education for Physicians (AAP)

Responding to the USPSTF Statement

  • Grosse, Scott

Screening and Assessment: Emerging Technologies Protocols

Transitions: Screening to Diagnostics to Early Intervention to School

Web and non-Web-based EHDI Data Systems

  • Costa, Pamela C.
  • Ing, Roy T.