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Catalogue of Presentations

Below you will find copies of presentations used at the 3rd Annual National EHDI Meeting held 18-20 February 2004 in Washington, D.C. The slideshows are intended for personal viewing only. Do not use or modify any slideshow without the expressed permission of the presenter.

Plenary Sessions

Tracks for Break-Out Sessions

Plenary Sessions

Opening Session: Welcome and Agency Introductions

Presenter: Irene Forsman, HRSA/MCHB
Note: No presentation materials used

Presenter: José Cordero, CDC/NCBDDD
Note: No presentation materials used

Presenter: Ed Brann, CDC/NCBDDD
Note: No presentation materials used

Presenter: Lisa Holden-Pitt, OSERS/OSEP
Note: No presentation materials used

Presenter: Amy Donahue, NIH/NIDCD
File Size: 0.6MB (PowerPoint)

Presenter: Kathryn Piziali Nichol, AAP
File Size: 0.1MB (PowerPoint)

Awards: Extraordinary Contributions to EHDI
File Size: 19MB Zip File (PowerPoint + 2 Videos)

Plenary Session I: Parent Perspectives on EHDI

Presenter: Holly Thomas-Mowery
File Size: 15MB (PowerPoint)

Presenter: Melissa Wagner
File Size: (Pending)

Presenter: Rosaline Hayes Crawford
File Size: (Pending)

Presenter: Beth Cram
File Size: (Pending)

Plenary Session II

Title: Informing Parents About Newborn Hearing Screening - Hidden Problems, Practical Solutions
File Size:  12MB (PowerPoint Only)
Presenter(s): Terry Davis
Note: Download the PowerPoint + Video in a 55MB zip file

Title: When Hearing Loss Occurs with Multiple Disabilities
File Size: 0.1MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Jackson Roush

Plenary Session III

Title: Integration of Child Health Information Systems
File Size: 0.4MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): lan Hinman

Plenary Session IV

Title: The Joint Committee on Infant Hearing's Project on Quality Infant Audiological Services (Q*AIS)
File Size: 0.5MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Brandt Culpepper/Judy Gravel/Patrick Brookhouser

Plenary Session V

Title: EHDI - An Historical Perspective
File Size: 0.1MB (MS Word)
Presenter(s): Frank Bowe

Title: Physician Heal Thy Self - An Otologist's Perspective on EHDI
Presenter(s): John Dornhoffer
Note: No PowerPoint presentation used

Closing Session: EHDI - A Global Perspective

Title: Project Deaf India
File Size: 0.1MB (MS Word)
Presenter(s): Rajendra Desai & Anjali Desai Margolin
Accompanying Video: Project Deaf India

Title: How and Why to Come to a Diagnosis by the Age of 3 months - A Belgium Approach
File Size: 1.1MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Paul J. Govaerts/K. Daemers/G. De Ceulaer/M. Yperman/C. De Beukelaer

Title: Impact of Newborn Hearing Screening Programme in Paediatric Audiology Services in England
File Size: 0.1MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Kai Uus

Title: EHDI: A Polish Program
File Size: 17MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Marzanna Radziszewska-Konopka & Jerzy Owsiak
Accompanying Videos: The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity | Poland's Newborn Hearing Screening Program

Break-Out Sessions



Title: Auditory Dys-synchrony of Infancy: Best Practices for Diagnosis, Monitoring and Guidance
File Size: 5.5MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Marilyn Neault/Margaret Kenna

Title: Deaf Children Can Talk: Audiologists and Therapists Team Up
Presenter(s): Roxanne Aaron/Betsy Moog Brooks

Title: Fitting Amplification by 6 months of age: Best Practices
File Size: 1.1MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Susan Scollie/Marlene Bagatto


Title: Screening, Diagnosis, and Early Intervention - The Role of the Pediatric Audiologist
File Size: 0.4MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Karen Ditty/Antonia Brancia Maxon

Title: PediaTricks: Tricks of the Trade for Infants and Toddlers
File Size: 1.3MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Patti Martin/Sue Faulkner

Title: Overview of the Management of Children with Bilateral Mild or Unilateral Hearing Loss
File Size: 7.1MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Diane Sabo/Yusnita Weirather/Faye McCollister

Communication Options for Deaf/Hard of Hearing


Title: The Effect of Universal Newborn Hearing Screening on Early Cochlear Implantation
File Size: 0.1MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Antonia Maxon/Diane Brackett/Jennifer Cox/Alicia Ayles

Title: Cochlear Implants and Early Communication Planning
File Size: 3.7MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Debra Nussbaum/Susanne Scott

Title: Family-Centered Best Practice/IDEA/A Parent's Right to Receive Unbiased Information on Communication Options
File Size: 0.5MB
Presenter(s): Gerri Hanna/Gayla Hutsell

Title: Communication-Based Intervention with Families of Infants and Toddlers with Hearing Loss
File Size: 8.9MB Zip File (Two PowerPoint Files)
Presenter(s): Sandra Domoracki/Jackie Lucey


Title: Early Identification and Effective Intervention - The Auditory-Verbal Approach
File Size: 0.4MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Kathryn Wilson/Sara Blair Lake

Title: The Proof of the Pudding - A Dual Language Approach in the Early Childhood Years
File Size: 10MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Loralee Wolter/Nancy Rushmer

Data Management


Title: The Wisconsin EHDI Tracking Referral and Coordination System
File Size: 2.4MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Elizabeth Seeliger/Lilah Katcher

Title: Identification of Late-Onset Hearing Loss as a Supplement to Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Programs
File Size: 0.6MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Yusnita Weirather/Diane Sabo/Karl White

Title: Tracking Risk Factors for Late-Onset and Progressive Hearing Loss: A State Example
File Size: 21MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Stephanie Disney

Title: QUAKE (Quadruple Key and Encryption) - A Protocol for Linking Sensitive Data
File Size: 0.4MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Craig Mason/Shihfen Tu


Title: Integration of NBS with Other MCH Systems - A Sourcebook & Tool for Assessment & Planning
File Size: 1.0MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Deborah Linzer

Title: Vital Statistics Re-engineering Project
File Size: 0.1MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Kenneth Beam

Early Intervention/Education


Title: What Is Part C (Infant and Toddler Program) of the Individuals with Disabilities Education? - Regulations and More Regulations
Presenter(s): Sheryl Parkhurst/Alma McPherson
Note: No PowerPoint Presentation Used

Title: Entering EI Services - The Pivotal Role of the Service Coordinator
File Size: 9.2MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Arlene Stredler Brown

Title: Current Management and Outcome Measures for Children with Bilateral Mild or Unilateral Hearing Losses
File Size: 0.5MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Kirsti Reeve/Adrian Davis/Sally Hind

Title: Optimizing Outcomes for Early Identified Children Through Inclusive Service Provision
File Size: 0.1MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Sarah Wainscott/Marion Helfrich


Title: Early Development of Children with Hearing Loss
Presenter(s): Susan Nittrouer

Title: Reaching Out to Underserved Parents on the Internet
File Size: 2.5MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Lisa Bain/Annie Steinberg/Yeulin Li/Olivia Thetgyi

Title: Love, Language, and Laughter - Measuring Benchmarks and Quality Indicators for Early Intervention: A Pilot Study
File Size: 0.2MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Dawn O'Brien/Nannette Nicholson/Judith Widen

Title: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Early Identification and Intervention
File Size: 7.5MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Kathryn Kreimeyer/Lylis Olsen/Thom Brady

EHDI Information Dissemination


Title: Social Marketing and EHDI - Colorado's Infant Hearing Program and Latino Population
Presenter(s): Joanne McConville

Title: 'Writing for Parents' Workshop
Presenter(s): Janet Ohene-Frempong


Title: Health Literacy, Cultural Competency and Creating Resources that Work - Links to Healthy People 2010-and Beyond
File Size: 1.9MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Marin Allen

Hearing Aid Funding


Title: Providing a 'Sound Start' for Infants Needing Amplification
File Size: 1.3MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Karen Ditty/Catherine Harbison/Michelle King/Antonia Brancia Maxon



Title: EHDI Legislation - A tool for ensuring infants are screened for hearing loss
Presenter(s): Marcus Gaffney/Denise Green
Note: Pending approval for posting

Title: HIPAA/FERPA Q/A Workshop
Presenter(s): Beverly Dozier
Note: No PowerPoint Presentation Used

Title: FIRST YEARS - Professional Development through Distance Education
File Size: 0.2MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Laurie Cochenour/Melody Harrison/ Todd Houston


Title: Evaluation of EHDI Programs
File Size: 5.2MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Kathleen Watts/Terry Foust/Karen Munoz

Title: Focused Monitoring for Newborn Hearing Screening Programs
File Size: 1.0MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Linda Pippins/Amy Fass/M. Christy Fontenot



Title: EHDI Storyboard: An example of educational materials for families of infants with hearing loss
Presenter(s): Krista Biernath/June Holstrum/Mike Adams/Lee Ann Ramsey/Danielle Ross/Marcia Victor
Note: Pending approval for posting

Title: Starting and Sustaining Parent Support Groups - A National Perinatal Association Training Program
File Size: 0.4MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Stephanie Lerner-Ernsteen

Title: From the Classroom to the Boardroom - Increasing Your Effectiveness as a Parent Advocate
File Size: 0.5MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Janet DesGeorges


Title: Partners for Success: Statewide Outreach Center for Families with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children
File Size: 0.1MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Cheri Dowling/Maryann Swann

Title: Creating Homes and Communities that Nurture Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children Presenter(s): Barbara Raimondo



Title: Pennsylvania's EPIC-EHDI Physician Outreach Initiative
File Size: 2.1MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Robert Cicco/Diane Sabo/Robert Staver

Title: Physician Education on EHDI - A Method to the Madness?
File Size: 9.2MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Michelle Esquivel/Mary Pat Moeller

Title: The Medical Home and EHDI Systems - Physician Perspectives
File Size: 3.6MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Carol Dorros/Ellen Kurtzer-White/Peter Simon


Title: Transcultural Training for Perinatal Health Care Providers
Presenter(s): Mark S. Gaylord
File Size:  Interested persons should contact

Title: The Application of the Concept of Medical Home to Primary Care Pediatric Practice
File Size: 0.5MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Karen Ailsworth/Susan Berry/Sudeep Kukreja/Dolores Orfanakis

Program Enhancement


Title: Infants and Toddlers Can Learn to Talk Around the Clock
File Size: 2.0MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Karen Rossi

Title: Just in Time - Development of a Multi-Audience Marketing Kit
File Size: 4.0MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Amy Rosenthal/N. Carolyn Kisler

Title: The Family Conference - Promoting a Family-of-Families
File Size: 0.3MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Patti Martin


Title: The Guide by Your Side Program - A Bottom-up Approach to Systems Change
File Size: 12.9MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Elizabeth Seeliger

Title: Early Childhood Hearing Screening - The Next Steps for EHDI
File Size: 3.4 MB (Powerpoint Only)
Presenter(s): Terry Foust/Randi Winston/William Eiserman/Lenore Shisler
Note: Download the PowerPoint + Videos (Put contents of zip files into same directory):

Title: A Collaborative In-Service Training Model for Early Development Providers
File Size: 1.3MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Mary Pat Moeller



Title: Parental Satisfaction and Anxiety Following Newborn Hearing Screening Referrals in Utah
File Size: 0.5MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Linda Goetze/Catherine Groseclose/Scott Grosse/Karl White/Kay Hansen

Title: Maternal Anxiety and Satisfaction with Newborn Hearing Screening: an English Example
File Size: 3.3MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Rachel Crockett/Theresa Marteau/Kai Uus/John Bamford

Title: An Analysis of 'Lost to Follow-Up' Infants
File Size: 0.2MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Les Schmeltz


Title: Costs of Newborn Hearing Screening in Utah - Variations by Hospital Size
File Size: (Pending)
Presenter(s): Linda Goetze/Kay Hansen/Karl White/Scott Grosse

Title: Efficacy of OAE/ABR Protocol in Identifying Hearing Loss in Newborns
File Size: 0.2MB (PowerPoint)
Presenter(s): Jean Johnson/Karl White/Judith Widen/Yusnita Weirather/Judith Gravel/Antonia Maxon/Lynn Spivak/Betty Vohr/Michele James-Trychel/Maureen Sullivan-Mahoney/Teresa Kennalley/Krista Biernath