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Last Updated: 02/04/2021

Family Advisory Committee

a nurse testing an infant's hearing

Family Engagement is a critical component and a historically well represented aspect of Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI) systems at both the national (NCHAM) and state-level EHDI programs. To ensure that families are at the center of EHDI and to promote family-professional partnerships, NCHAM established a Family Advisory Committee (FAC). Generally, the responsibilities of the FAC include advocating for the needs of parents to improve EHDI systems, review or lead parent-centered NCHAM resources, and serve on the EHDI Meeting planning committee.

The FAC is coordinated by Janet DesGeorges (H&V Executive Director) and Alyson Ward (NCHAM). The advisory committee is comprised of diverse parent leaders in the categories of: ethnicity, age of children, modality/communication, geography, and deaf plus. The 2015-2020 FAC includes:

  • Janet DesGeorges
  • Amanda Kaahanui
  • Debbie Mitre-Smith
  • Molly Martzke
  • Laura Gramer
  • Alyson Ward
  • Sara Doutre
  • Yiesell Rayon
  • Jessica Sanchez
  • Lisa Weiss
  • Will Doutre
  • Djenne-Amal Morris

See pictures and bios of the FAC [PDF]