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The NHSTC Curriculum video is available for you to watch on your computer as streaming video for free over the Internet.

A DVD set is also available that will let you watch the Curriculum on a standard television. The DVD set also offers invaluable resources such as scripts, frequently asked question, test questions and answers and more.

The streaming videos are in Windows Media format. On a Windows computer, they should play on the built-in Windows Media Player program. Macintosh users will need to download the free Windows Media Components for QuickTime from Microsoft.


Section 1 – Introduction to Newborn Hearing Screening

Section 2 - Getting Ready to Screen

Section 3 – Screening with Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs)

Section 4 – Screening with Automated Auditory Brainstem Response (A-ABR)

Section 5 – Communicating with Parents and the Medical Providers

Section 6 – Completing the Screening Process

Section 7 – Screening Babies with Risk Indicators

Section 8 – Outpatient Screening: Rescreening


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