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Arizona Summary of Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Legislation
Issue Excerpts from Legislation/Rules & Regulations
Year Passed 2007 36-694
Implementation by:
 Not specified  
Screening of:
 All babies  
Advisory Committee

Statute: 36-693, Sec. G & H
G. The director shall establish a committee to provide recommendations and advice to the department on at least an annual basis regarding tests that the committee believes should be included in the newborn screening program. Any recommendation by the committee that a test be added to the newborn screening program shall be accompanied by a cost-benefit analysis.
H. The committee shall include the following members who are appointed by the director and who serve without compensation or reimbursement of expenses at the pleasure of the director:
1. Seven physicians who are licensed pursuant to title 32, chapter 13 or 17 and who represent the medical specialties of endocrinology, pediatrics, neonatology, family practice, otology and obstetrics.
2. A neonatal nurse practitioner who is licensed and certified pursuant to title 32, chapter 15.
3. An audiologist who is licensed pursuant to chapter 17, article 4 of this title.
4. A representative of an agency that provides services under part C of the individuals with disabilities education act.
5. At least one parent of a child with a hearing loss or a congenital disorder.
6. A representative from the insurance industry familiar with health care reimbursement issues.
7. The director of the Arizona health care cost containment system or the director's designee.
8. A representative of the hospital or health care industry.

Source: 36-694
Covered Benefit of Health Insurance? Yes   
Report to
State DOH

Statute: 36-693, Sec. C & E
C. When a hearing test is performed on a newborn, the initial hearing test results and any subsequent hearing test results must be reported to the department of health services as prescribed by department rules….
E. The newborn screening program shall establish and maintain a central database of newborns and infants who are tested for hearing loss and congenital disorders that includes information required in rule.

Source: 36-694
Provision of

Statute: 36-693
D. The director of the department of health services shall establish a newborn screening program within the department to assure that the testing for congenital disorders and the reporting of hearing test results required by this section are conducted in an effective and efficient manner. The newborn screening program shall include an education program for the general public, the medical community, parents and professional groups.

Source: 36-694
Informed Consent by Parents? No   
Liability Immunity?  No  
Parental Objection Exclusion? Yes  
Hearing Impairment Defined?  Yes  

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