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Indiana Summary of Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Legislation
Issue Excerpts from Legislation/Rules & Regulations
Year Passed 1999  HB1410
Implementation by:
July 1, 2000  

Screening of:
 All Babies Statute: Sec.2. (b) Subject to subsection (c), every infant shall be given a physiologic hearing screening examination at the earliest feasible time for the detection of hearing impairments.

Source: NB1410, 1999

Advisory Committee
 Yes Statute: Section 6. (b) The newborn hearing screening and intervention advisory board is established.

Source: NB1410, 1999

Covered Benefit of Health Insurance?  Yes Statute: Sec. 4. Except as provided in section 5 of this chapter, every policy or group contract that provides maternity benefits must provide minimum benefits to a mother and her newborn child that cover: Y (2) the examinations to the newborn child required under IC 16-41-17-2.

Source: HB 1410, 1999

Report to
State DOH
Provision of
Informed Consent by Parents?    
Liability Immunity?    
Parental Objection Exclusion?  Yes

Statute: Sec.2, (c)
c) If a parent of an infant objects in writing, for reasons pertaining to religious beliefs only, the infant is exempt from the examinations required by this chapter.

Source: HB 1410


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