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Kentucky Summary of Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Legislation
Issue Excerpts from Legislation/Rules & Regulations
Year Passed July, 2000 HB 706 (2000)
Implementation by:
Screening of:
>40 Births
Statute: SECTION 11. ... (1) As a condition of licensure or relicensure, all hospitals offering obstetric services and alternative birthing centers with at least forty (40) births per year shall provide an auditory screening for all infants using one (1) of the methods approved by the Early Childhood Development Authority by administrative regulation promulgated in accordance with KRS Chapter 13A.

Source: HB 706, 2000

Advisory Committee
Yes Statute: Section 1. ... (1) The Early Childhood Development Authority is established as a public agency and political subdivision of the Commonwealth with all powers, duties, and responsibilities conferred upon it by statute and essential to perform its functions including, but not limited to, employing other persons, consultants, attorneys, and agents. The authority shall be attached to the Office of the Governor, Office of Early Childhood Development, for administrative purposes and shall establish necessary advisory councils.

Source: HB 706, 2000

Covered Benefit of Health Insurance?    
Report to
State DOH
Yes Statute: SECTION 11. ... (2) An auditory screening report that indicates a finding of potential hearing loss shall be forwarded by the hospital or alternative birthing center within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt to the: (a) Attending physician; (b) Parents; and (c) Commission for Children with Special Health Care Needs for evaluation or referral for further evaluation in accordance with Section 10 of this Act.

SECTION 11. ... (3) An auditory screening report that does not indicate a potential hearing loss shall be forwarded within one (1) week to the Commission for Children with Special Health Care Needs with no information that personally identifies the child.

Source: HB 706, 2000

Rule: Section 7.(1) A hospital shall report information to UNHS-CCSHCN pursuant to KRS 211.647. (2) Information to be reported to UNHS-CCSHCN for a new birth who has failed the hearing test shall include the newborn’s: (a) Last name; (b) First name; (c) Middle name; (d) Date of birth; (e) Gender; (f) Mother’s last name; (g) Mother’s first name; (h) Middle initial; (i) Mother’s maiden name; (j) Mother’s social security number. (k) Address where the child shall be residing after discharge; (l) Birth hospital’s name; (m) Tester’s last name; (n) Tester’s first name; (o) Tester’s middle initial; (p) Date of testing; and (q) Test results. (3) Information to be reported to UNHS-CCSHCN for a new birth who has passed the physiological and risk factor hearing test shall not include identifying information, but shall include the: (a) Date the test was administered; (b) Test results; (c) Name of the county of residence for the newborn; and (d) Name of the hospital where the test was administered. (4) Reporting shall be completed on a Kentucky Infants’ Sound Start Hearing Screening Report form.

Source: New Administrative Regulation, 902 KAR 4:085E

Provision of
Informed Consent by Parents?    
Liability Immunity?    
Parental Objection Exclusion?    
Hearing Impairment Defined? Yes

Definition Part 3, (3)

(3)"Hard of hearing infant" means a child at birth with a significant hearing loss which prevents the acquisition of speech and language through normal channels;

Source: HB 706

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