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Nevada Summary of Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Legislation
Issue Excerpts from Legislation/Rules & Regulations
Year Passed 2001 Assembly Bill 250 (2001)
Implementation by:
January 1,
Statute: Sec. 14.1. This section becomes effective on July 1, 2001.

Sec. 14.2. Sections 1 to 13, inclusive, of this act become effective: (a) On July 1, 2001, for the purpose of adopting regulations by the state board of health to carry out the provisions of this act; and (b) On January 1, 2002, for all other purposes.

[Source: AB 250 (Year 2001)]

Screening of:
> 500
Statute: Sec. 6. 1. Except as otherwise provided in this section and section 8 of this act, a licensed hospital in this state that provides services for maternity care and the care of newborn children and a licensed obstetric center in this state shall not discharge a newborn child who was born in the facility until the newborn child has undergone a hearing screening for the detection of hearing loss to prevent the consequences of unidentified disorders, or has been referred for such a hearing screening.

Sec. 6. 2. The requirments of subsection 1 do not apply to a hospital in which fewer than 500 childbirths occur annually.

Source: AB 250, 2001

Advisory Committee
Covered Benefit of Health Insurance?    
Report to
State DOH
Yes Statute: Sec.7. 4. A licensed hospital and a licensed obstetric center shall annually prepare and submit to the health division a written report concerning hearing screenings of newborn children in accordance with regulations adopted by the state board of health. The report must include, without limitation, the number of newborn children screened and the results of the screenings.

Sec.7. 5. The health division shall annually prepare and submit to the governor a written report relating to hearing tests for newborn children. The written report must include, without limitation: (a) A summary of the results of hearing screenings administered to newborn children and any other related information submitted in accordance with the regulations of the state board of health; (b) An analysis of the effectiveness of the provisions of sections 2 to 11, inclusive, of this act in identifying loss of hearing in newborn children; and (c) Any related recommendations for legislation.

Source: AB 250 (Year 2001)

Provision of
Yes Statute: Sec.11.1. The health division shall create written brochures that use terms which are easily understandable to a parent or legal guardian of a newborn child and include, without limitation: (a) Information concerning the importance of screening the hearing of a newborn child; and (b) A description of the normal development of auditory processes, speech and language in children.

Sec.11.2. The health division shall provide the brochures created pursuant to subsection 1 to each licensed hospital and each licensed obstetric center in this state. These facilities shall provide the brochures to the parents or legal guardians of a newborn child.

Source: AB 250, 2001

Informed Consent by Parents?    
Liability Immunity?    
Parental Objection Exclusion? Yes Statute: Sec. 8. A newborn child may be discharged from the licensed hospital or obstetric center in which he was born without having undergone a required hearing screening or having been referred for a hearing screening if a parent or legal guardian of the newborn child objects in writing to the hearing screening. The hospital or obstetric center shall place the written objection of the parent or legal guardian to the hearing screening in the medical file of the newborn child.

Source: AB 250, 2001

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