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EHDI: Early Hearing Detection & Intervention | NTRC: National Technical Resource Center

Last Modified: 03/18/2022

EHDI Program Toolbox

a mom reading with her young child, who is wearing a hearing aid

Photo Courtesy of Oticon A/S

EHDI Staff Orientation Materials

EHDI Program Meetings

Current Federal EHDI Legislation [PDF]

EHDI Web Resource Guide: Website Improvement Project

MCHB Electronic Handbooks

Past Notices of Funding Opportunity (NOFOs)

Important HRSA Grantee Dates and Deadlines

Reporting Deadlines

  • NCC Progress Reports: December 23, 2021 (extended date) / mid-December, 2022
  • Submit Diversity & Inclusion Plan: April 29, 2022
  • NCC Performance Reports: July 30, 2022
  • Federal Financial Report (FFR): July 30, 2022

HRSA Quarterly Grantee Webinars

  • Thursday, April 21st from 3–4PM EST
  • May 2022 (TBD)
  • August 2022 (TBD)
  • November 2022 (TBD)