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NCHAM: National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management, Utah State University

Last Updated: 8/27/12

Hearing Aid Legislation

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Hearing Aids for Children

"A child's ability to hear should not be determined based on family income. It should be viewed as a fundamental right to the citizens of our state, especially when we have a mandated hearing screening program. To diagnose deafness and then fail to provide intervention is morally and ethically unacceptable. We need to provide access to hearing aids via multiple sources (Medicaid and private insurances)."

Hearing Aid Coverage

Legislation requiring that each individual, group and blanket health insurance contract, including each policy or contract issued by a hospital or medical service contract, that is delivered, issued for delivery, or renewed in the state, provide coverage per individual hearing aid, per ear for children covered as a dependent by the policy holder.

What Can You Do?

Please contact and urge your State Senator and Representative to co-sponsor and support the hearing aid legislation!

profile view of a baby wearing a hearing aid

Enacted Hearing Aid Legislation

State Age Limits Amount Covered Hearing Aid Coverage Comments
Arkansas [PDF] No limits mentioned $1,400 1 Hearing Aid/Ear Once Every 3 Years
Colorado [PDF] Under 18 years No limit 1 Hearing Aid/Ear Once Every 5 Years or changes in hearing Includes language for services, supplies, and therapy
Connecticut [PDF] 12 years and under $1,000 1 Hearing Aid/Ear Once Every 2 Years
Delaware [PDF] 24 years and under $1,000 1 Hearing Aid/Ear Once Every 3 Years
Kentucky [PDF] Under 18 years $1,400 1 Hearing Aid/Ear Once Every 3 Years
Louisiana [PDF] Under 18 years $1,400 1 Hearing Aid/Ear Once Every 3 Years
Maine [PDF] Under 18 years $1,400 1 Hearing Aid/Ear Once Every 3 Years
Maryland [PDF] Minor Child $1,400 1 Hearing Aid/Ear Once Every 3 Years
Massachusetts [PDF] 21 years and under $2,000 per HA 1 hearing aid per ear, once every 3 years Includes coverage for all prescribed services and supplies (I.e. evaluations, fittings, adjustments, ear molds, etc.)
Minnesota [PDF] Under 18 years No limit 1 Hearing Aid/Ear Once Every 3 Years
Missouri [PDF] No limits mentioned No limit No limits Hearing aid coverage is part of the Newborn Hearing Screening Bill
New Jersey [PDF] 15 years and younger $1,000 1 Hearing Aid/Ear Once Every 2 Years
New Mexico [PDF] Under 18 years or Under 21 if still in High School $2,200 1 Hearing Aid/Ear Once Every 3 Years
Oklahoma [PDF] Under 18 years No limit 1 Hearing Aid/Ear Once Every 4 years
Oregon [PDF] Under 18 years or older if enrolled in accredited educational institution $4,000 1 Hearing Aid/Ear Once Every 4 years
Rhode Island [PDF] Under 19 years $1,500 1 Hearing Aid/Ear Once Every 3 Years
Over 19 years $700 1 Hearing Aid/Ear Once Every 3 Years
Tennessee Up to 18 years of age $1,000 1 Hearing Aid/Ear Once Every 3 Years
Wisconsin [PDF] Under 18 years No limit 1 Hearing Aid/Ear Once Every 3 Years Will also cover cochlear Implants and related treatments

State Insurance Departments

Contact your state's Insurance Commissioner by using the table below, or by using the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' interactive map.

State State Insurance Division Site Filing a Complaint Other Info
Alabama Alabama Department of Insurance AL, File a Complaint
Alaska Alaska Division of Insurance AK, File a Complaint
American Samoa N/A N/A
Elisara T. Togiai
Insurance Commissioner
Office of the Governor
American Samoa Government
Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799
Phone: 011-684-633-4116
Fax: 011-684-633-2269"
Arizona Arizona Department of Insurance AZ, File a Complaint
Arkansas Arkansas Insurance Department AR, File a Complaint
California California Department of Insurance CA, File a Complaint
Colorado Colorado Division of Insurance CO, File a Complaint
Connecticut Connecticut Insurance Department CT, File a Complaint [PDF]
Delaware Delaware Department of Insurance DE, File a Complaint
District of Columbia District of Columbia Department of Insurance DC, File a Complaint
Florida Florida Office of Insurance Regulation FL, File a Complaint
Georgia Georgia Office of Insurance GA, File a Complaint [PDF]
Guam N/A N/A
Artemio B. Ilagan
Banking & Insurance Commissioner
Guam Dept. of Revenue & Taxation
Regulatory Division
PO Box 23607 GMF
Barrigada, Guam 96921
Phone: 671.635.1817
Fax: 671-633-2643
Street Address:
1240 Army Drive
Barrigada, Guam 96913
Hawaii Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs HI, File a Complaint
Idaho Idaho Department of Insurance ID, File a Complaint
Illinois Illinois Department of Insurance IL, File a Complaint
Indiana Indiana Department of Insurance IN, File a Complaint
Iowa Iowa Insurance Division IA, File a Complaint
Kansas Kansas Insurance Commissioner KS, File a Complaint
Kentucky Kentucky Department of Insurance KY, File a Complaint
Louisiana Louisiana Department of Insurance LA, File a Complaint
Maine Maine Bureau of Insurance ME, File a Complaint
Mariana Islands Mariana Islands Department of Commerce MP, File a Complaint [PDF]
Marshall Islands N/A N/A
Maryland Maryland Insurance Administration MD, File a Complaint
Massachusetts Massachusetts Division of Insurance MA, File a Complaint
Michigan Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation MI, File a Complaint
Micronesia N/A N/A
Minnesota Minnesota Department of Commerce MN, File a Complaint
Mississippi Mississippi Insurance Department MS, File a Complaint
Missouri Missouri Department of Insurance MO, File a Complaint
Montana Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance MT, File a Complaint
Nebraska Nebraska Department of Insurance NE, File a Complaint
Nevada Nevada Division of Insurance NV, File a Complaint
New Hampshire New Hampshire Insurance Department NH, File a Complaint [PDF]
New Jersey New Jersey Department of Banking & Insurance NJ, File a Complaint
New Mexico New Mexico Public Regulation Commission NM, File a Complaint
New York New York Department of Financial Services NY, File a Complaint
North Carolina North Carolina Department of Insurance NC, File a Complaint
North Dakota North Dakota Insurance Department ND, File a Complaint
Ohio Ohio Department of Insurance OH, File a Complaint
Oklahoma Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner OK, File a Complaint
Oregon Oregon Insurance Division OR, File a Complaint
Palau Palau Health Insurance Consumer Help N/A
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Insurance Department PA, File a Complaint
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Oficina del Comisionado de Seguros PR, File a Complaint
Rhode Island Rhode Island Insurance Regulation RI, File a Complaint [PDF]
South Carolina South Carolina Department of Insurance SC, File a Complaint (Currently Unavailable)
South Dakota South Dakota Division of Insurance SD, File a Complaint [PDF]
Tennessee Tennessee Insurance Division TN, File a Complaint
Texas Texas Department of Insurance TX, File a Complaint
Utah Utah Insurance Department UT, File a Complaint
Vermont Vermont Department of Financial Regulation VT, File a Complaint
Virgin Islands Virgin Islands Lieutenant Governor VI, File a Complaint
Virginia Virginia Bureau of Insurance VA, File a Complaint
Washington Washington Office of the Insurance Commissioner WA, File a Complaint
West Virginia West Virginia Offices of the Insurance Commissioner WV, File a Complaint [PDF]
Wisconsin Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance WI, File a Complaint
Wyoming Wyoming Insurance Department WY, File a Complaint