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NCHAM: National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management, Utah State University

Last Modified: May 28, 2014

Contacts for Early Hearing Detection & Intervention

U.S. States, Territories & Commonwealths

Because early hearing detection & intervention (EHDI) programs are developing so rapidly, the best contact in a particular state may have changed. If your state contact should be changed, email us or call us at 435.797.3589.


Rovetta Hanna, BSN, RN
Newborn Hearing Screening Program Coordinator
Alabama Department of Public Health
201 Monroe Street, Suite 1350
Montgomery, AL 36104
Phone: 334-206-2944
Fax: 334-206-3791
Email Rovetta Hanna


Beth Kaplan, M.Ed.
Program Manager
Early Hearing Detection and Intervention (EHDI)
State of Alaska—Division of Public Health
Women's Children and Family Health
3601 C Street, Suite 322
Anchorage, Alaska 99503
Phone: 907-334-2273
Fax: 907-269-3432
Email Beth Kaplan

American Samoa

Jean Anderson-Asuega, PsyD
Part C/EHDI Coordinator
American Samoa Department of Health
P.O. Box 7477
Pago Pago, AS 96799
Phone: 684-699-4990
Fax: 684-699-4984
Email Jean Anderson-Asuega


Lylis Olsen, MS, CCC-A
State Audiology Consultant
State EHDI Contact
The EAR Foundation of Arizona
P.O. Box 11359
Glendale, AZ 85318
Phone: 602-690-3975
Fax: 602-296-0425
Email Lylis Olsen


Shannon Loyd, BBA AS RN
EHDI Coordinator/Follow-up Coordinator
Infant Hearing Program
Arkansas Department of Health
4815 West Markham Street, Slot 20
Little Rock, AR 72205-3867
Phone: 501-280-4764
Fax: 501-280-4170
Email Shannon Loyd


Hallie W. Morrow, MD, MPH
Children's Medical Services Branch
California Department of Health Services
1515 K Street, Suite 400, MS 8103
P.O. Box 997413
Sacramento, CA 95899-7413
Phone: 916-323-8009
Fax: 916-323-8104
Email Hallie W. Morrow


Vickie Thomson, Ph.D. CCC-A
Program Director
Marion Downs Hearing Center Foundation
1793 Quentin Street, Unit 2
Aurora, CO 80045
Phone: 720-848-3045
Fax: 720-848-2976
Email Vickie Thomson
Erica McKiever, MA, LPC
Newborn Hearing Screening Coordinator
Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment
4300 Cherry Creek Drive South
Denver, CO 80246-1530
Phone: 303-692-2948
Fax: 303-753-9249
Email Erica McKiever


Amy Mirizzi, MPH, CPH
Connecticut Dept. of Public Health
410 Capitol Avenue MS #11 MAT
Hartford, CT 06134-0308
Phone: 860-509-8175
Fax: 860-509-8132
Email Amy Mirizzi


Kathryn Tullis, PhD
Family Health & Systems Management
Delaware Division of Public Health
Jesse Cooper Bldg (D320A)
417 Federal Street
Dover, DE 19901
Phone: 302-744-4906
Fax: 302-744-4544
Email Kathryn Tullis

District of Columbia

Karen P. Watts, RNC, FACHE, FAHM, PM
Bureau Chief, Perinatal and Infant Health
Dept. of Health, Community Health Administration
825 N. Capital Street NE, 3rd Floor
Washington, DC 20002
Phone: 202-442-9405
Fax: 202-671-0849
Email Karen P. Watts

Federated States of Micronesia

Mr. Dionis E. Saimon
Project Coordinator, FSM EHDI Program
P.O. Box PS 70
Palikir, Pohnpei FM 96941
Phone: 691-320-2619
Fax: 691-320-5263
Email Mr. Dionis E. Saimon


Pam Tempson
Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program Coordinator
Florida Newborn Screening Program
Department of Health
Children's Medical Services
Mailing Address: 4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin A-06
Overnight Address: 2585 Merchants Row Blvd., Room 230-G
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-1707
Phone: 850-245-4673
Fax: 850-245-4049
Email Pam Tempson


Kelly Hermanns, Au.D.
Interim State UNHSI Coordinator
Georgia Department of Public Health
2 Peachtree Street, NW, Suite 11-223
Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone: 404-232-1608
Fax: 404-657-2773
Email Kelly Hermanns


Elaine Eclavea
Initiative Area Coordinator
Health, Wellness, and Prevention
University of Guam Center for Excellence on Developmental Disabilities Education, Research, and Service (Guam CEDDERS)
Phone: 671-735-2466
Fax: 671-735-2448
Email Elaine Eclavea


Po Kwan Wong
Newborn Hearing Screening Program
Hawaii Department of Health
Early Intervention Section
1350 South King Street, Suite 200
Honolulu, HI 96814
Phone: 808-594-0043
Fax: 808-594-0015
Email Po Kwan Wong


Brian Shakespeare
Program Coordinator
Idaho Sound Beginnings
450 West State Street, 5th Floor
Boise, ID 83702
Phone: 208-334-0983
Fax: 208-334-0952
Email Brian Shakespeare


Ginger Mullin, AuD, EHDI Coordinator
Illinois Department of Public Health
535 West Jefferson Street, 2nd Floor
Springfield, IL 62761
Phone: 217-557-5133
Email Ginger Mullin


Rebekah Cunningham, Ph.D.
Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program
Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education
Indiana State Department of Health
2 N. Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: 317-832-3964
Fax: 317-925-2888
Email Rebekah Cunningham
Gayla Hutsell, M.A., CCC-A/SLP Cert AVT
Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education
2 North Meridian Street, 7F
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Phone: 317-234-3358
Fax: 317-234-2995
Email Gayla Hutsell


Tammy O'Hollearn, LBSW
EHDI Coordinator, CDC Project Coordinator
Community Health Consultant
Iowa Dept. of Public Health
Lucas State Office Bldg 5th Floor
321 East 12th Street
Des Moines, IA 50319-0075
Phone: 515-242-5639
Fax: 515-242-6013
Email Tammy O'Hollearn
Vicki Hunting
HRSA Project Coordinator
Child Health Specialty Clinics
Iowa Department of Public Health
Lucas State Office Bldg 5th Floor
321 East 12th Street
Des Moines, IA 50319-0075
Phone: 515-331-0750
Email Vicki Hunting


Liz Abbey, MA, CCC-A
State Coordinator, Audiologist
Sound Beginnings Newborn Hearing Screening Program
Kansas Bureau of Family Health
1000 SW Jackson Street, Suite 220
Topeka, KS 66612-1274
Phone: 785-368-7167
Fax: 785-291-3493
Email Liz Abbey


Mary M. "Peg" Barry, Au.D., CCC-A
Audiology-EHDI Branch Manager
Commission for Children with Special Health Care Needs
310 Whittington Parkway, Suite 200
Louisville, KY 40222
Phone: 502-429-4430 x2046
Fax: 502-429-7160
Email Mary M. "Peg" Barry


Melinda Peat, M.C.D., CCC/A
LA DHH/OPH EHDI Program Director
P.O. Box 60630
New Orleans, LA 70160
Phone: 504-568-5028
Fax: 504-568-5854
Email Melinda Peat


Betsy Glencross
Maine Newborn Hearing Program
Key Bank Plaza, 7th Floor
State House Station 11
Augusta ME 04333-0011
Phone: 207-287-8427
Email Betsy Glencross

Mariana Islands

Angie Mister, Au.D. CCC-A
EHDI Program Coordinator
P.O. Box 5869
Saipan, MP 9695
Phone: 670-236-8709
Fax: 670-236-8700
Email Angie Mister

Marshall Islands

Chinilla Pedro
Email Chinilla Pedro


Tanya Green, M.S., CCC-A
Program Chief, Infant Hearing Program
Maryland Dept of Health & Mental Hygiene
201 West Preston St, Rm 423A
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: 410-767-6432
Fax: 410-333-5047
Email Tanya Green


Janet M. Farrell
Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Program
MA Dept. of Public Health
250 Washington Street, 5th Floor
Boston, MA 02108
Phone: 617-624-5959
Fax: 617-624-5990
Email Janet M. Farrell


Debra Behringer, RN, MSN
EHDI Program Coordinator
Division of Family and Community Health
Michigan Department of Community Health
PO Box 30195
Lansing, MI 48909
Phone: 517-373-8601
Email Debra Behringer


Kirsten Coverstone, Audiologist
Early Hearing Detection Coordinator
Newborn Screening Program
Minnesota Department of Health
P.O. Box 64899
St. Paul, MN 55164-0899
Phone: 651-201-5223
Fax: 651-201-5471
Email Kirsten Coverstone
Nicole Brown, MSN, PHN, CPNP
EHDI Co-Coordinator
MN Children and Youth with Special Health Needs
Minnesota Department of Health
PO Box 64882
St. Paul, MN 55164-0882
Phone: 651-201-3737
Fax: 651-201-5490
Email Nicole Brown


Stacy Callender
MS First Steps Early Intervention Program
Mississippi State Department of Health
570 East Woodrow Wilson, Office 204
P.O. Box 1700
Jackson, MS 39215-1700
Phone: 601-576-7816
Fax: 601-576-7540
Email Stacy Callender


Catherine Harbison, BSN, RN, MA
Program Manager
Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
P.O. Box 570
930 Wildwood Drive
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0570
Phone: 573-751-6266
Fax: 573-751-6185
Email Catherine Harbison


Amber Bell
Newborn Hearing Screening Coordinator
Family and Community Health Bureau
Department of Public Health and Human Services
1400 E. Broadway, A-116
PO Box 202951
Helena, MT 59620
Phone: 406-444-1216
Email Amber Bell


Kathy Northrop
EHDI Program Manager, Lifespan Health Services
Nebraska Dept. of Health & Human Services
301 Centennial Mall South
PO Box 95026
Lincoln, NE 68509-5026
Phone: 402-471-6770
Fax: 402-471-1863
Email Kathy Northrop


Perry G. Smith
EHDI Program Coordinator
Newborn Hearing Screening Program
Nevada Division of Public & Behavioral Health
4150 Technology Way, Suite 210
Carson City, NV 89706
Phone: 775-684-4274
Fax: 775-684-5998
Email Perry G. Smith

New Hampshire

Courtney Ferraro, BS
NH EHDI Program Coordinator
Maternal and Child Health Section
NH Department of Health & Human Services
29 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03301
Phone: 603-271-1037
Email Courtney Ferraro

New Jersey

Leslie M. Beres, MS, CPM
Program Manager
Early Identification & Monitoring Program
Special Child Health & Early Intervention Services
Division of Family Health Services
Public Health Services Branch
New Jersey Department of Health & Senior Services
PO Box 364
Trenton, NJ 08625-0364
Phone: 609-292-5676
Fax: 609-633-7820
TTY: 609-984-1343
Email Leslie M. Beres
Kathryn P. Aveni, RNC, MPH
Early Identification and Monitoring Program
Special Child Health and Early Intervention Services
Division of Family Health Services
New Jersey Department of Health
PO Box 364
Trenton, NJ 08625-0364
Phone: 609-292-5676
Fax: 609-633-7820
Email Kathryn P. Aveni

New Mexico

Tammy Voisine, LSW
Newborn Hearing Screening Program Coordinator
Children's Medical Services
New Mexico Department of Health
P.O. Box 26110
1190 St. Francis Drive
Santa Fe, NM 87505
Phone: 505-476-8852
Fax: 505-827-5995
Email Tammy Voisine

New York

Regina L. Bryde, M.A., M.P.A.
Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program
New York State Department of Health
Empire State Plaza
Corning Tower, Room 227
Albany, NY 12237
Phone: 518-473-7016
Fax: 518-486-1090
Email Regina L. Bryde

North Carolina

Marcia Fort, AuD, CCC-A
Children and Youth Branch, Division of Public Health
North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
5601 Six Forks Road
Raleigh, NC 27609
Phone: 919-707-5635
Fax: 919-870-4881
Email Marcia Fort

North Dakota

Kim Hruby, RN, MSN
Program Administrator
Children's Special Health Services
North Dakota Department of Health
600 East Blvd Avenue Dept 301
Bismarck, ND 58505-0200
Phone: 701-328-4854
Email Kim Hruby


Allyson Van Horn, MPH.ME.d.
Infant Hearing Program Administrator
Bureau of Maternal and Child Health
Ohio State Department of Health
246 N High St 6th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: 614-728-6785
Fax: 614-728-6793
Email Allyson Van Horn
Naomi Halverson, Ohio Department of Health
Bureau of Early Intervention Services
Infant Hearing Program
246 N High St 5th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: 614-644-8389
Fax: 614-728-9163
Email Naomi Halverson


Patricia Burk, MS, CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVT
Coordinator, Newborn Hearing Screening Program
OK State Dept. of Health
1000 NE 10th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73117-1299
Phone: 405-271-6617
Fax: 405-271-4892
Email Patricia Burk


Heather Morrow-Almeida, MPH
EHDI Program Coordinator
Systems and Policy Analyst
Maternal and Child Health Section
Office of Family Health
Oregon Health Authority
800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 825
Portland, OR 97232
Phone: 971-673-1883
Fax: 971-673-0240
Email Heather Morrow-Almeida


Berry Watson
Palau EHDI Coordinator
Bureau of Public Health, Family Health Unity
Ministry of Health
P.O. Box 6027
Koror, Palau 96940
Phone: 680-488-2212
Email Berry Watson


Arthur Florio
Program Administrator
Early Hearing Detection & Intervention Program
Division of Newborn Screening & Genetics
Pennsylvania Department of Health
7th Floor East Wing, Health & Welfare Bldg
625 Forster Street
Harrisburg, PA 17120-0701
Phone: 717-783-8143
Fax: 717-705-9386
Email Arthur Florio

Puerto Rico

Naydamar Perez de Otero, MD, MPH
Director, Division for Rehabilitative Services
Puerto Rico Dept. of Health
P.O. Box 70184
San Juan, PR 00936-8184
Phone: 787-274-5660
Fax: 787-274-3301
Email Naydamar Perez de Otero
Carol Cruz Pagan, M.S.
Departamento de Salud
Programa de Cernimiento Auditivo Neonatal Universal
P.O. Box 70184
San Juan, PR 00936-8184
Phone: 787-765-2929 x 45553
Email Carol Cruz Pagan

Rhode Island

Liza Then
Newborn Hearing Screening Program Manager
EHDI Coordinator
Rhode Island Department of Health
3 Capitol Hill, Room 302
Providence, RI 02908
Phone: 401-222-6146
Fax: 401-222-1442
Email Liza Then

South Carolina

Tara P. Carroll, MCD, CCC/A
First Sound Program Manager/Audiologist
SC Department of Health and Environmental Control
Division of Children's Health
2100 Bull Street, Rm. O-327
Columbia, SC 29201
Phone: 803-898-0708
Fax: 803-898-4453
Email Tara P. Carroll

South Dakota

Lucy Fossen
Newborn Screening Program
South Dakota Dept. of Health
600 East Capitol
Pierre, SD 57501-1700
Phone: 605-773-2944
Fax: 605-773-5683
Email Lucy Fossen


Jacque Cundall, MCH/CSS
Newborn Hearing Screening Coordinator
Tennessee Department of Health
Andrew Johnson Tower 8th Floor
710 James Robertson Parkway
Nashville, TN 37243
Phone: 615-532-8515
Fax: 615-532-8555
Email Jacque Cundall


Doug Dittfurth
Texas EHDI Coordinator
Newborn Hearing Screening
Family and Community Health Services
Texas Department of State Health Services
MC 1918, PO Box 149347
Austin, TX 78714-9347
Phone: 512-776-7726
Fax: 512-776-7125
Email Doug Dittfurth


Stephanie Browning McVicar, Aud, CCC-A
Children's Hearing and Speech Services
Utah Department of Health
P.O. Box 144620
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-4620
Phone: 801-584-8215
Email Stephanie Browning McVicar


Linda Hazard, Ed.D., CCC-A
Program Director VT EHDI
Vermont Department of Health
108 Cherry Street
Burlington, VT 05402
Phone: 802-651-1606
Fax: 802-951-1218
Email Linda Hazard

Virgin Islands

Dr. Arlene Lockridge
MCH & CSHCN Program
Email Dr. Arlene Lockridge
Wincess Gentius, AuD
Pediatric Audiologist
Email Wincess Gentius


Ruth Frierson, Acting Program Manager
Early Hearing Detection & Intervention Program
Division of Child and Adolescent Health
Virginia Dept of Health
109 Governor Street, 8th Floor
Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: 804-864-7713
Fax: 804-864-7721
Email Ruth Frierson


Karin Neidt, MPH
Early Hearing Detection, Diagnosis, and Intervention Program
Washington State Dept of Health
1610 NE 150th St
Shoreline, WA 98155
Phone: 206-418-5609
Fax: 206-418-5415
Email Karin Neidt

West Virginia

Tennysa Mace
Newborn Hearing Screening Project Coordinator
Bureau for Public Health
Office of Maternal Child & Family Health
WV Dept. of Health & Human Services
350 Capitol Street, Room 427
Charleston, WV 25301-3714
Phone: 304-356-4444
Fax: 304-558-7164
Email Tennysa Mace


Elizabeth Seeliger, Au.D.
Wisconsin Sound Beginnings Program Director
Wisconsin Dept. of Health Services BCHP
1 West Wilson Street, Room 218
Madison WI 53701-2659
Phone: 608-267-9191
Fax: 608-267-3824
Email Elizabeth Seeliger


Nancy Pajak
715 Shield Street
Laramie, WY 82072
Phone: 307-721-6212
Fax: 307-721-6313
Email Nancy Pajak