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Video Scrapbook

Profile of an Newborn

We are pleased to provide you with this "scrapbook" of video clips taped during the 2003 Annual EHDI Conference and hope you will find the contents valuable for supplementing and enhancing your PowerPoint presentations. The clips, reflecting a variety of parent and professional perspectives, are organized according to eight topic areas associated with early identification of hearing loss including:

Sample Presentation

We have provided you a PowerPoint "Sample EHDI Presentation." Feel free to use any slides from the sample or to adapt the entire presentation to meet your specific needs by adding/deleting slides and video clips. Please note, links to the videos in the sample presentation are not active. However, you can download the video clips which are found under each section listed above.

Download: SampleEHDIpresentation.ppt
File size: 2.8 MB

NCHAM thanks the parents and professionals who shared their stories and perspectives to be included in this scrapbook of video clips.

The opinions of individuals expressed in these video clips are not necessarily those of the organizations they represent or of NCHAM.


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Listening to Parents


Family Support & Advocacy


Importance of EHDI


Medical Home


Health Care Provider Education


Pediatric Audiology


Early Intervention & Communication

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