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EHDI: Early Hearing Detection & Intervention

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EI SNAPSHOT: Early Intervention for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing: Systematic Nationwide Analysis of Program Strengths, Hurdles, Opportunities, and Trends


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From November 2015 through May 2017, NCHAM conducted a study funded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB) with additional funding from the Oberkotter Foundation to review the state of Early Intervention (EI) services for children who are deaf and hard of hearing (DHH) across the US. The goal of the Early Intervention Systemic Nationwide Analysis of Programs’ Strengths, Hurdles, Opportunities, and Trends (EI SNAPSHOT) project was to develop a better understanding of the issues that affect the parents and service providers of children who are DHH.

This ambitious study looked at the EI system as a whole to determine how the interplay of state services combined with the education and preparation of service providers affect the satisfaction and outcomes of children with D/HH and their caregivers.

In order to get a complete picture, EI SNAPSHOT gathered data using surveys, telephone interviews and web evaluations from multiple sources including:

  • Parents of children who are DHH
  • EI Service Providers
  • Audiologists
  • Family Support Organizations
  • EHDI and Part C state program coordinators
  • Deaf Education Personnel Preparation Programs
  • Recent Graduates from Deaf Education Programs
  • State Part C Websites

EI Snapshot Executive Summary

A four-page overview of findings can be found in the EI Snapshot Executive Summary [PDF]

EI Snapshot Final Report

These results of these analyses can be found in the final report:


In addition to the final report [PDF], this project generated the development of a wide range of support documents and presentations. These materials are available below, listed by their categorization in the final report.


EI SNAPSHOT Tools and Presentations

These materials are Copyright © 2015 -2017 NCHAM (National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management). All rights reserved. They may be reproduced and distributed in print or electronic format at no cost to recipients and as long as full credit is given to NCHAM - including a link to the NCHAM site ( and copyright notice (e.g., "© NCHAM").

In the spirit of collaboration, NCHAM invites others using these tools or those conducting similar research to contact Karl White.

Family Perceptions, Needs, and Choices

EI Service Provider and Audiology Perceptions

Characteristics of Current Personnel Preparation Programs for Teachers of the Deaf

Coordination among Part C, EHDI and Other Relevant Programs

Family Access to Web-Based Information and Connections to Broader Family Support Organizations