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EHDI: Early Hearing Detection & Intervention

Behavioral Audiological Assessment of Infants and Toddlers

The National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management (NCHAM) is pleased to announce another webinar in a series of mini seminars: by Dr. Diane Sabo which will provide focused review and important information needed to accurately diagnose hearing loss in infants.

The Webinar Includes:

  • 90 minutes of streamed video presentation by Dr. Diane Sabo
  • 30 minutes of live lecture regarding current updates to behavioral audiological assessment of infants and toddlers by Dr. Diane Sabo
  • 30 minutes of questions and answers from students to Dr. Sabo regarding topic presentation

Learner Objectives

  • Describe appropriate evidenced based protocols for audiological behavioral assessment of infants and toddlers.
  • Distinguish the specific differences between BOA and COR as used in the clinical setting.
  • Define two pediatric logistical designs for the behavioral assessment of infants or toddlers in the audiological setting.

Webinar Details

  • Detailed instructions for accessing the webinar will be provided to registrants.

AAA CEUs Available

Application has been made for American Academy of Audiology (AAA) Continuing Education Credits. This course offered a total of 2.5 hours (.25 CEU’s) of continuing education credit—AAA CEUs are no longer available.

Early registration is encouraged, since enrollment is limited to 100 participants.

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Presented one time on March 18th, choose your time zone:

  • 10:45 am – 1:45 pm Pacific Time
  • 11:45 am – 2:45 pm pm Mountain Standard Time
  • 12:45 pm – 3:45 pm Central Standard Time
  • 1:45 pm – 4:45 pm Eastern Time

Times listed below are in Mountain Time; adjust for your personal time zone

11:45 am – 12:00 pm
Welcoming students and instructing on the procedures for the streaming video and the “Go to Meeting” procedures
Dr. Karen Ditty & Dr. Les Schmeltz NCHAM
12:00 – 1:30pm
Streamed Video Presentation of Behavioral Audiological Assessment of Infants and Toddlers” via “Go to Meeting” web conferencing
Dr. Diane Sabo
1:30 pm – 2:00 pm
Live lecture with Power Points regarding current updates in Behavioral Audiological Assessments of Infants and Toddlers via “Go to meeting” web conferencing.
Dr. Diane Sabo
2:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Answers and Questions for Dr. Sabo regarding topic presentation via “Go to Meeting” web conferencing
Dr. Diane Sabo & Students
2:30 pm – 2:45 pm
Evaluations and Assessments