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Last Modified: 06/21/2023

Fact Sheet: Modeling Strategies

a telehealth session, the child and mom communicating with a health professional with their TV

Key Points:

  • Suggestions to support the ability to model strategies are:
    • Use props, such as dolls or something like a mouth puppet to model strategies
    • Create a short video of the strategy with another child and share it during the session
    • Use publicly available videos that are already created to help demonstrate specific strategies (look on YouTube)
    • Use pictures to represent the modeling strategies
    • Annotate screenshots to point out specific details of what you are interested in having the parent do
  • Providers need to be very clear in descriptions of what you are doing, which can sometimes be challenging and may require a few different ways of describing a particular strategy

Video clips:

This resource was developed by the NCHAM Tele-Intervention Learning Community