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Last Modified: 06/21/2023

Fact Sheet: Technology and Connectivity

a telehealth session, the child and mom communicating with a health professional with their TV

Key Points:

  • The Pew Research Center reports that approximately 75% of homes have broadband internet. Click on this link to find out if your home has access.
  • High speed internet continues to be a challenge in more rural or mountainous areas. Consider using a hotspot on a smartphone as an alternative. Or, use a platform that requires less bandwidth.
  • There are several video-conferencing platforms that offer end-to-end encryption that is HIPPA compliant. These secure programs can be easily installed on home computers, tablets, and even smart phones. The number of available video-conferencing platforms is increasing all the time.
  • 83% of providers in a Colorado Self Report* study indicated their video-conferencing technology to be reliable at least 75% of the time, and 50% indicated that it was reliable at least 90% of the time
    • Even though the technology doesn’t fail as often as some thought, any failure at all can seem to be disruptive to a session. It is valuable to have a plan, before the session starts, for steps to follow if there is a failure (e.g., screen freezes, call is dropped). Some suggestions include sharing phone numbers so you can call or text, sharing email addresses to allow continued communication.


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This resource was developed by the NCHAM Tele-Intervention Learning Community