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EHDI: Early Hearing Detection & Intervention | NTRC: National Technical Resource Center

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Idaho EHDI Care Collaboration Workshop: Stronger Families through Stronger Interprofessional Partnerships


Idaho's EHDI system started more than 20 years ago by engaging hospitals to introduce voluntary universal newborn hearing screening, since that time Idaho Sound Beginnings has provided annual training geared toward improving or achieving various aspects of the EHDI experience for families w/ children that are Deaf or HOH. Previous trainings included: specific training for hospitals, midwiferies, Part C El programs and other lay screeners, training for infant diagnosis and management of HL for Audiologists, shared decision-making, family centered trauma informed care and collaboration for audiologists, teachers of the Deaf/HOH, speech language pathologists, and Part C early intervention providers as well as students in those disciplines.

This year Idaho Sound Beginnings is partnering with National Center for Hearing and Management to bring workshop participants to the 2020 National EHDI Virtual Meeting.

Participants will attend 4 Instructional sessions with their assigned cohort to learn ways to improve collaboration and network with professionals from partner disciplines leading to seamless transitions through the EHDI system for families. Each cohort will be made up of people from the same Idaho Health Region, including the following professions: Audiology, Speech Language Pathology, Part C, Educational Services that serve Idaho families.

Idaho is quickly becoming known as a state that provides some of the best coordinated and supportive care systems for families navigating early hearing and detection services. Register now for your chance to find out why and to become part of an amazing group of people dedicated to helping families to achieve their dreams.

CEUs are available through National EHDI Meeting attendance. We will be accepting a maximum of 4 providers from each discipline (Audiology, Education, Speech Language Pathology, Part C Early Intervention, and students presently studying any of the previously mentioned fields). This training will be open by invitation ONLY, limited to professionals and students currently serving families with children 0-5 that are navigating the EHDI system.