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EHDI: Early Hearing Detection & Intervention | NTRC: National Technical Resource Center

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Maryland EHDI Virtual Conference Co-Hosted by NCHAM

This November NCHAM will be co-hosting the Maryland EHDI Virtual Conference that is free and open to all. Join us for this great conference and earn ASHA Credit too!

November 3, 2021 - 1:00 - 3:00 pm Eastern Time

State of the State - Maryland EHDI Program

During this session participants will gain an awareness and understanding of the priorities for the MD EHDI system, learn about current MD EHDI Program statistical data and learn ways in which they can engage with and participate in the MD EHDI system.

Presenter: Tanya Green

Early Intervention: Coaching Families for the WIN!

Early intervention services have evolved over the years. Long gone are the days of “teacher bags” and flashcards! Today’s early intervention services are offered by interventionists trained to empower families using the coaching model. By implementing coaching strategies, Deaf and Hard of Hearing children can be supported by their family and caregivers throughout their daily routines - allowing for more consistent practice and meaningful gains. Families and caregivers working hand in hand with their Teacher of the Deaf and utilizing what is readily accessible in their home and community, make learning fun and meaningful - a winning combination!

Presenter: Mary Ann Stefko

November 10, 2021 - 1:00 - 3:00 pm Eastern Time

Engaging Fathers of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children in Early Intervention

Parents play a vital role as the primary language facilitators for their children with hearing loss. Perspectives on parenting roles, especially fathers, continue to evolve. For children with hearing loss, fathers also have tremendous responsibility and fulfill a critical function. This presentation will describe strategies to promote increased parental engagement in their child’s early intervention.

Presenter: K. Todd Houston

November 17, 2021 - 1:00 - 3:00 p m Eastern Time

Critical Consciousness in Early Intervention

Designed for recognizing and resisting forms of internalized and institutional bias in early intervention for deaf children. Cultural identities and their relationships to bias and oppressive practices often influence the lives of many deaf children from communities of color. They are exposed to profound experiences from birth, ranging from a true sense of belonging in certain settings to experiencing racial trauma in others. Educators, families, deaf mentors, medical professionals, and other individuals involved in early intervention share a common goal of ensuring that deaf children develop a strong foundation upon beginning primary school. However, various studies have documented patterns of bias, inequity, and racism in childhood education, revealing that anti-bias approaches are treated as an afterthought. Discussions during the workshop will focus on the goals and practices of critical consciousness, intentional anti-bias and anti-racism, and creating safe, empowering spaces to cultivate positive experiences for deaf children during their foundational years.

Presenter: Nia Lazarus

ASHA CE Approved Provider | The Hearing and Speech Agency | Intermediate Level | 0.6 ASHA CEUs

Meet the 2021 MD EHDI Conference Presenters

Mary Ann Stefko

Mary Ann Stefko

Mary Ann Stefko has been a Teacher of the Deaf for over 30 years. She is currently the Choices for Children Interventionist at the Scranton School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children in Clarks Summit, PA. A graduate of the Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Disorders and a Masters degree in Counseling Education, Mary Ann also holds an administrative certificate from Marywood University. She has extensive experience teaching children from Early Intervention through high school, in a variety of learning environments.

Mary Ann has been a presenter on topics related to: Hearing Loss, Family Engagement, Collaboration and Experiential Learning. Mary Ann is also an adjunct professor in the World Languages and Cultures department at the University of Scranton. While supporting the next generation of educators, Mary Ann strives to empower others by facilitating communication and collaboration between professionals and parents to create even more opportunities for Deaf and Hard of Hearing children.

K. Todd Houston, Ph.D.

Todd Houston

Dr. K. Todd Houston is a Professor in the School of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology at The University of Akron where he teaches courses and professional seminars related to phonetics, aural habilitation, professional issues, and telepractice. His primary areas of research include spoken language acquisition in children with hearing loss, serving the needs of parents in the intervention process, and telepractice as a service delivery model.

Nia Lazarus, Ph.D.

Nia Lazarus

Nia Lazarus is a Germany-based Ph.D. researcher from Oakland, California. Her dissertation explores the role of iconicity in shaping the sign language lexicon, comparing German Sign Language and British Sign Language, with a focus on its implication for language acquisition in Deaf children. She holds a wealth of experience in Deaf Education from navigating a variety of academic settings herself since birth and from teaching Deaf students in elementary school settings. In her presentations, she synthesizes her life experience as a Black Deaf woman, her knowledge from her educational and research backgrounds, and discussions on anti-bias and anti-racist practices. She is motivated to ensure that all BIPOC and otherwise marginalized Deaf children feel supported and safe, so they can have the opportunity to lead successful lives.

Conference dates:

  • November 3, 2021
  • November 10, 2021
  • November 17, 2021

Conference webinar start times (by time zone)

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  • 11:00 am - 1:00 pm MT
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