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EHDI: Early Hearing Detection & Intervention

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Webinar: Decreasing the Delegating Dilemma — Ensuring Quality Implementation of Programming from every Team Member

When: September 28, 2023 | 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm MDT


Creating a set of functional goals specific to each child with hearing loss is critical. Empowering each member of a child’s team to feel confident in implementing strategies to reach those goals becomes our next priority. With large caseloads, application of individual education plans through the support of Educational Assistants in schools, and the rich environments children with hearing loss experience, often multiple facilitators are implementing goals for each child. These can include close family support, daycare providers, and common contacts in the community.

Combine these with an already large multidisciplinary collaborative team, and you start to see that delegating with fidelity is essential. However, it can be hard. Goal tracking, reporting, training, and encouraging participation take skill, focus, and solid communication methods between all team members on a child's team. This presentation will address these issues with these objectives:

  • Parents and professionals will work together to identify who in their communities and families can become part of their support team to help practice goals in meaningful ways.
  • Parents and professionals will develop and review strategies for delegating skill practice to their support teams in easily understood and track-able ways.
  • Parents and professionals will identify and choose shared data collection methods that enable them to help best. With this increased reporting and multiple perspectives, we can ensure programming is appropriately dialed in and moving each child forward.


Kaytie Cook and Lauren Smith