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Last Modified: 10/09/2019

Additional Early Intervention Materials and Websites and Presentations

a mom and her son practicing signing with an early intervention specialist


Resources for Learning Sign Language

Resources for Learning Cued Speech

The SKI-HI Curriculum provides the following lists of resources

Learning How to Sign English [PDF]:
From the SKI-HI Curriculum (S. Watkins, Ed., 2004), Signing English, Sim Com, Section, J. Fox-Goodrich, Writer, pages 1587-1588. Used with permission.
Sample ASL Materials for Children [PDF]:
From the SKI-HI Curriculum (S. Watkins, Ed., 2004), Bilingual-Bicultural (Bi-Bi) Section, S. Watkins, Principal Writer, pages 1750-1751. Used with permission.
*Signing Fiesta:
Sign language instruction DVD in Spanish

Web Sites

Presentations: EHDI 2006 National Conference - Selected Early Intervention Presentations List

Streaming Videos

The Listening Brain: Research to Practice
Flexer, Carol
The Genetics of Hearing Loss
Rehm, H.
The Legal Right to Communication and Language for Deaf Children
Siegel, Lawrence and Katherine Jankowski

PowerPoint Presentations

Results of the National Consensus Conference on Intervention (3 presentations)
Alberg, J. [PPT]
Geers, A. [PPT]
Marge, D. [PPT]
Creating Partnership from Apples and Oranges [PPT]
Benedict, B., B. Raimondo, M. Sass-Lehr
The Role of Early Intervention Programs in Providing Family Support [PPT]
Clark, K. and P. Pittman
Bilingual-Bicultural Education – Success for Deaf Children? [PPT]
Commerson, R. and U. Bouraoui
Viewing Early Intervention from Both Sides of the Looking Glass: The Value of Involving D/HH and Hearing Professionals [PPT]
Crace, J. and P. Pittman
Building Language Foundations in American Sign Language and English [PPT]
Cushner, D., J. Mitchner and D. Nussbaum
Can You Explain My Child’s Audiological Report? [PPT]
Ditty, K. and K. Clark
Should EDHI Programs Be Concerned About Cytomegalovirus (CMV)? [PPT]
Fowler, K.
The Importance of Interagency Collaboration by Early Intervention Programs [PPT]
Howell, R.
Western States’ Early Intervention Outcomes Project [PPT]
Kreimeyer, K., S. Anita, A. Stredler-Brown, and A. Sedey
Evaluating Families’ Satisfaction with EHDI in Massachusetts [PPT]
MacNeil J.
Effective Transition from Early Intervention to Preschool [PPT]
Maxon, A. and K. Clark
Trainings in Early Intervention with Infants and Toddlers with Hearing Loss [PPT]
Sager, N. and K. Rossi
Expectations for Children with Cochlear Implants at Age One [PPT]
Moog Brooks, B.
Non-Broadcasting 101 How to Support Families Without Bias [PPT]
Seaver, L. and K. Putz
Red Flags for Developmental Delays in D/HH Children [PPT]
Wiley, S. and M. Moeller
Resources: A Strong Predictor of Impact for Families of Infants with Hearing Loss [PPT]
Vohr, B., J. Jodoin-Krauzyk and R. Tucker